9-23-2022 Golden Spike
PAX: Retweet, Blue Chip, The Wizard, Merch, Johnny Bravo, TC, Waterboy, LBT, Tom Tom, Buns of Steel, Dirty Bird, Oompa, Slow Pitch, FNG- Kevin
QIC: Invictus

Weather Conditions: 59 degF, 100% relative humidity.

Pre-Run: TC, Slow Pitch, Merch, Dirty Bird, Oompa, YHC joined Merch and TC for the last mile or so after set up was complete. Just before the turn around, I got a call from our FNG (my brother)
verifying where to park which made me excited since this was obviously his first post and I couldn’t wait to show him what F3 was all about.

0530 – YHC welcomed the PAX with the following.

F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. F3 is Free, Open to All Men, Always Outside, Lead in a rotating fashion among the PAX, and will end in a Circle of Trust.

The mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership.

Credo: Leave no man behond, but leave no man where you found them.

YHC is not a fitness pro, so the PAX should modify any of the workouts as they see fit as they are merely recommendations.

We officially welcomed our FNG, my brother, to F3. 

0533 – Mosey to center of the football field for Warmarama.

15 High Knees IC
20 Sun Gods (10fw, 10bw)
15 Tappy Taps IC
15 Mountain Climbers IC

0535 – Pre-Thang (Parking lot behind buildings) – 11’s OYO.

We started on the South endzone goal line, ran to the 30 yd line, 10 merkins, ran back, 1 air squat. 9 merkings, 2 squats; 8 merkins, 3 squats…all the way down to 1 merkin, 10 squats. 

OMAHA called as most were finishing up the last mosey. Then it started to rain heavily, but we all made light of it and continued on.

0545 – The Thang – Football Field and East Bleachers

4 Stations with 1 push group, Stations 2 through 4 were Rinse and Repeat

Station 1 – North End Zone (Push Group)
– Run 3/4 of perimeter of the field, jog the short lengths, sprint the 100 yds.

Station 2 – Near South End Zone
– 20 Mountain Climbers
– 20 Copperhead Squats
– 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps

Station 3 – Top of East Bleachers, South end
– 20 Plank Jacks
– 20 Bobby Hurleys
– 20 Werkins

Station 4 – Top of East Bleachers, North end
– 5 Burpees
– 15 Apolo Ohnos
– 25 Carolina Dry Docks

0605 – QIC called Omaha, PAX gathered the lamps and moseyed to the 50 yd line for core. Each group made it around approximately 2 times.

MARY – 50 yd line

– 15 LBC’s IC
– 15 Freddy Mercury’s IC
– 1 round American Hammers, Rancid style

Recovery, Namearama with 14 PAX.

After Namearama, Kevin – FNG stood amongst the PAX to receive his F3 Nickname. He talked about his childhood, moving to NE, sports teams. After revealing he was an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan,
he got a bunch of jeers from the PAX. I tried to work a Dallas Cowboys reference into it, but we were at risk of never seeing him again. Retweet suggested Rosebowl (we grew up in Pasadena, CA) 
and he liked it. Rosebowl it was.

Annoucements / Prayer Requests

Check 3rdF Slack for service opportunities.

Prayers for TC’s son, Santiago, who is going to start Army Ranger training.

Oompa’s friend who lost his dad.

COT – I was thinking about a line from a Catholic hymn we used to sign growing up that had the words “When I was laughing, you shared in my joy”. It reminded me of all the mumblechatter I hear at 
each beatdown. Sometimes the only words I can discern from random conversations are “Haha, that’s awesome” or things of that sort. It could be anything from choosing a salad over pizza or finding
or finding the 10mm ratchet that fell through your truck chassis. I also told the PAX about a couple of real examples of us sharing in someone else’s joy: (1) this morning, TC was pumped about 
The Wizard making it back out for his second post and (2) last week, Wentworth reminded me how he was excited to have seen me 3 times at 3 different AO’s. I encouraged the PAX to find as many ways 
to share in someone else’s joy and/or achievements throughout the week.

QIC closed out in prayer.

Aye! – Invictus

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Golden Spike

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