The Pit: No Goalie Soccer (9/17/22)

Pax: Chernobyl, Ethanbreous, Baby Shark, Double Dip, Farva, Schrute, Ferdinand, Sauerkraut, Tater Tot, Irish Car Bomb, Skidz, Shingles, Trench, G-String, Fun Dip, Ditty, Duracell, Firewalker, Crankbait, Bobsled, Ear Tag, FNG (Spongebob)

Q: Crankbait

The PAX arrived at the flag to a glorious downpour, washing away all pre-activity sweat, along with any excuses that one may muster. They were informed that they had arrived at F3 and it’s meaning, the 5 Core Principles, the Mission and the Credo. One FNG was present. The Q reminded the PAX that cleats are optional.

As the rain continued, the PAX moseyed to the center of the field, where the Q hoped to find a cone that was set up before the rain. When the crew had found the cone, we did 15 cherry pickers, to let the Q catch his breathe. The Q decided to ruin a song for the PAX, Jump Around by House of Pain. For each Siren, all 65, the PAX performed 1 Jump Squat. The Q struggled to hear the song through the rain, which had not slowed done. The PAX embraced the muddy mess that we found ourselves in.

Pre Thang:
The PAX were number off 1-4, and broke into there groups. There were 3 cones (all AMRAP), one for upper body, one for lower body, and one for core work. The fourth PAX was a push PAX, and would mosey to push the group to the next cone. The PAX were NOT allowed to mosey between upper and lower body, but all other forms of moving oneself were acceptable. After approximately 10 minutes, the Q called Omaha to regroup for the Thang.

The Thang: No Goalie Soccer, with a Twist
The PAX were separated by their number, even and odd. The Even team opted to be skins. Goals were placed in a field, 40 yards by 50 yards, and each team was assigned 2 goals to defend. Each team was given 1 ball, for a total of 2 balls on the field of play at all times. The Q instructed that a buzzer would sound and the PAX were expected to complete 5 burpees at their pace (to occur every 3 minutes approximately). Upon completing your burpees, you could continue gameplay. Lastly, using your hands would cause a 15 burpee penalty. The PAX began the game and the Q quickly released most soccer players were on the shirts team. Skidz was jealous of the shirtless Q and attempted to give him a hug, which devolved into a simply tackle where the Q realized his shoes were worthless in terms of grip. It was concluded that the score was tied at the end of the game.

All the PAX did a 90 second plank. The PAX finished with Sarpy Slammers, Chernobyl style (a slow count for each PAX).

The FNG stood in a recently discovered puddle. He shared his name and some information about himself. It was determined that he shall be known as SpongeBob hence forth.

Swiper’s 44th Birthday
Thank you Crab Cakes and Tater Tot for coordinating Vala’s last night.
Tater Tot celebrates 4 years in F3
Catamount Complex is gearing up for Tuesday mornings.

For injured PAX

Snake Skin:
Crank Bait recognizes Chernobyl’s growing leadership
Duracell recognizes Crankbait for his all in approach and lack of willingness to quit

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” ~ General George S Patton
Executed your good plan with passion and vigor now, because you may never have a perfect plan. Also, make sure it is a good plan, because a bad plan will make it worse.

Crankbait prayed for the PAX, their Plans, and their day.

Coffee and Q-source was head following the dismissal.

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