Trident AO September 13th, 2022  Perfect weather am around 60

Disclaimer/Motto/Core Principles were all addressed and no FNG’s

9 PAX:  Redacted, Room Service, Almost Famous, Saul, Slick, Kielbasa, Zebra Cakes, Space Bar, and Q-Tip (Respect/Respect!)

Q: Wentworth

Warm-O-Rama:  Moseyed around to the back parking lot and did 20 SSH’s, 15 tappy taps, 15 Cherry Pickers, 10 Big One’s, 10 Sun God’s forwards and backwards, 15 IC mountain climbers, 15 merkins, 15 IC High Knees, and the 15 IC Butt Kickers.

The Thang:  4-station troll bridge workout  (20 was the number for each exercise)

Station 1:  First exercise, then move to next cone LBC’s, Low Dolly’s, Freddy’s, and Heels to Heaven (bear crawl to cone # 2 and then Bernie Sanders for round 2)

Station 2:  Apollo Ono’s, Sumo Squats, Bobby Hurley’s, and Single Leg Lunges

Station 3:  Werkins, CDD’s, Derkins on curb, and Merkins  (Alternate Lunge and Carioca/Karaoke to next station)

Station 4:  SSH’s, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, and Groiners

Once through each station 4 times, Omaha was called.  We stayed together with the smaller size of the group this a.m.

6MOM:  ABC’s and Rancid Style Hammers

Announcements and Prayers:    Almost Famous has his VQ Friday at Golden Spike and he said he will help Wait Time during this Co-Q opportunity.  Lots of 3rd F opportunities to give back to your community, please check the 3rd F Slack channel for more details and information.  Please keep all of the PAX in your prayers for mental and physical battles that they are dealing with and edify them with words of encouragement.

COT:  Give thanks and be grateful for all that you have.  I have been with F3Omaha for 3 years now and it’s really been great and helped turn my life around in so many ways.  I can’t thank everyone here for lifting me up and picking me up when I was the 6.  If you aren’t plugged into F3 yet, please lean in and take advantage of everything that is available to you.  Maybe come to coffee or lunch or happy hour?  Maybe consider volunteering with one of the groups on a Saturday morning or donate to a charity or just encourage one of your brothers or co-workers today?  We can do more together than we ever could have individually.

Wentworth ended in prayer  AYE!

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