Top Rope, 9/21/22  69 degrees (Noice)

PAX: Cheap Seats, Beaver, Slapshot, Wentworth, Rollbar, Nailed It, Waterboy, Mother Goose, Doppler, Big Unit, Tea Party, Smelly Cat, T-Swift, Steeple, Boji, Kryptonite, Barber Shop, Frosty, Bouncer, Long Neck, Oompa, Lemu, Flowers, and YHC Kill Switch

Warm a rama

  • Parrot wings
  • Pirate goofballs
  • Rope shows
  • Land lubbers (pickle pushers)
  • Throw me a floatie (chinooks)

Pax took a lap down around the bermuda triangle and come back to the basketball courts

The thang

Time to prove yourselves worthy, seamen.

Pain stations.  Station 5 was push group

  • Station 1: 15ea, rinse and repeat
  • Captain’s wheels coupon lift and twist
  • Treasure chest lifts ,(block thrusters)
  • Block swings
  • Station 2: 15ea, rinse and repeat
  • Jump the boom(bike racks)
  • Canon balls (jump tucks)
  • Swab the deck (bobby hurleys)
  • Station 3 15ea, rinse and repeat
  • Drunken sailors (turkish get-ups)
  • Merkins
  • squats
  • Station 4 15ea, rinse and repeat
  • Sailor knots (sit throughs)
  • Oh yeahs
  • Monkey humpers
  • Station 5
  • Lap around the school.
  • Mary at 6:07
  • American hammers – rancid style

Announcements and prayers

  • 3rd F
  • Chowda’s VQ Friday
  • Check out the new Monday site, Coronado
  • Oompas friend Josh’s dad passed, Thoughts and Prayers to his family
  • Frosty’s mom Judy has lung cancer.  Please keep frosty and her in your prayers
  • Kryptonites mom Teri had a heart attack.  Please keep his mom in your prayers
  • Dopplers cousin Becca ovarian cancer.  Keep Doppler’s cousin in your prayers


Cot: Get Silly sometimes. I recalled when Selleck said on his Gloom podcast, that “i take my work seriously, but not myself” and reiterated that we have a small time on this earth, and to make sure to take time to enjoy it and each other. I put work into being silly, because I know people that enjoy it, and i enjoy it myself.

Quote from Elbert Hubbard.

“Dear Playmate in the Kindergarten of God: Please do not take life quite so seriously—you surely will never get out of it alive. And as for your buying and selling, your churches and banks, your newspapers and books, they are really at the last of no more importance than the child’s paper houses, red and blue wafers, and funny scissors things. Why you grown-ups! all your possessions are only just to keep you out of mischief, until Death, the good old nurse, comes and rocks you to sleep. Am I not right?”

Sea Shanty Playlist

Terrible Pirate Jokes below:

A pirate walked up to a bartender with a parrot on his shoulder, a hook for a hand, and a steering wheel hung off his belt buckle.  The bartender says, “hey I get the parrot and the hook, but what’s with the steering wheel”. The pirate then said “Arr, it’s drivin me nuts!”

What’s a pirates favorite letter?  You’d think it’d be R!, but a pirate’s heart is at home in the “C”

How much does a pirate pay for corn?  A buck-an-ear


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