74 degrees, humid, clear.

5:00 prerun (4 PAX): Griswold, Pitstop, Escobar, Yogi

5:30 beatdown (8 PAX): Griswold, Pitstop, Escobar, Yogi, Supe, Rosetta, Tight Lip, Lansbury

QIC: Yogi

I’ve been posting with F3 Omaha regularly, 3-4 days a week for the last 16 months, but due to my M’s schedule, I have never posted for a Tuesday beatdown before (outside of some pre-murphs, pre-runs but home by 5:30).

A few weeks back, I found I was going to be able to post on 9/20 for my first Tuesday ever…. So many choices; Trident? Wild Kingdom? Sanitarium? Helix? Whetstone? I reached out to Griswold, not only was I posting at Mess Hall, he put me on the Q.


Gris gave us West O PAX a beautiful tour of the AO. We ran past Westside, the Owl Nest and up “Huffy Hill.”


At about 5:31, after a grueling prerun, I welcomed the PAX with the standard greeting, motto, credo, disclaimer. We had a brief argument if it was invigoration or re-invigoration. Still unsolved. No FNG’s.

We did a short mosey to the church parking lot for Warm’o’rama.

SSH x 15

Tappy Taps x 15

Big Ones x 10

Then we did some Gator inspired broga yoga; runners stretch to a pigeon stretch, both legs for 30 second intervals.

Ended on 15 x SSH


I had asked Griswold if he had a good hill? I was introduced to the “Huffy Hill.” We split into 2 groups- 4 PAX at the bottom doing merkins while the other 4 ran up the hill and back. A lot of traffic due to road closures made it interesting. After 2 runs each, I called Omaha.

The Thang

We mosey’ed back to Swanson. I set up some exercises on the west side. There, 4 PAX would do the exercises while the other 4 did a lap on the jogging trail loop to the south. Arbor trail? The station exercises were standard (Bonnie Blair’s, Sun Gods, Bobby Hurley’s, Cherry Pickers, etc.) but I did have some mumblechatter talking points. As this was the Mess Hall, I had a sheet of topics to discuss:

-Best Chicken Sandwich

-Best Fast Food

-Best Ice Cream

-Best Pizza

(Other food related questions I can’t remember)

This opened a lively discussion and a lot of disagreements. Wendy’s spicy chicken is YHC’s preference. Good times. It was great to see Rosetta- I hadn’t posted with him before, but we had gone to school together and it was great to catch up. About 2 laps in, the time was up and Omaha was called.


COT- I had a great time with a small group today. It seems a lot of AO’s I’ve been posting have 20, 25, 30+ PAX. There’s times I don’t even realize guys are there until NoR. Get to know guys, visit new sites and embrace F3.

*Escobar prayed us out. As Griswold is passing the flag next week, he thanked Gris for the imprint and DNA he left on the site. It drew quite a laugh.

Aye, Yogi

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