September 22, 2022 | Millard South High School | AO – Mainstage | Weather: Partly Cloudy, Windy, Temperature 68 ℉

It was a soft morning with a light breeze from the north. Several PAX members chose to brave running
against the wind for a little preworkout, and some chose to embrace the darkness within for a ruck/run
around the football field.
We had 28 absolute units come out for DOA’s VQ: Sister Act, Yard Dart, Q-Tip Respect, Hard Hat, Boss
Hog, Bulletproof, Soup, Rowdy, Woodhead, Yump, Singlet, Bayside, Khakis, Griswold, Armbar, Baby
Shoes, Escobar, Lite Brite, Stripes, Kataracts, Mr. Deeds, Hei Hei, Pitstop, Urkle, LooneyToons, The
Plague, Tater Tot
We started with a mosey to the football field, and a soft lap around the track to warm our legs up.

1 lap around the track
21 Side Straddle Hops
21 Howlers: downward dog to plank and back. Bonus points for howling.

Right into The Thang:
DOA laid out ‘The Gauntlet’, and placed 5 stations around the football field, each with two placards. We
counted off into groups of 5 and split up between the stations.
Station 1 is the push station, leading with 21 burpees (Since it’s the 21st).
Station 2: Carolina dry docks x21, if still waiting move, plank it out.
Station 3: Ludacris Cherry pickers x21 (Cherry pickers in squat stance. How low can you go?)
Station 4: let’s see some “Friendly Big Boy’s” x21. Big boy with a partner to high five every time
Station 5: Gazelle’s: run the length of the football field AFAP, back to station 1, and start round
Now we kicked it into overdrive for round two!
Station 6: high knees x21, in cadence
Station 7: jump tucks x21, you know what to do
Station 8: Titanic’s. x21 Plank position releasing each arm in an alternating fashion, in cadence.
Station 9: Frog Hops x21: start like a frog, end like a frog. Bonus points for croaking!
Station 10: Foxholes x21: start in plank, drop and roll into a merkin, rinse and repeat. On down.
Omaha was called at 6:00 on the dot! We moseyed to the center of the field, but the fun isn’t
over. We played a game I like to call: The Plague
The Plague starts as the plague; we have to run from 0-50yd line. The Plague had to tag as
many people as possible. Then we pause game, gather, and start round 2. Each round more
becomes infected. Last one to get tagged wins!!! Escobar took the game.
We huddled together for warmth back at the 50-yard line for our Mary.

LBC’s 21 of them of course
21 Freddy Mercury’s
28 Rancid Hammer Curls

Trisha for healing of an unknown infection
Lots of events going on! Keep an eye out!

COT: Lean on Each Other.
I started out by mentioning the change that my wife has seen in me since starting F3. I’ve
become a better all around human being. I noticed my attitude is much better and I am not so
quick to anger, I’ve slowed down my drinking. I am becoming more organized, and so much
This group is more than just an encouraging group of men, we are a backboard for frustrations
and concerns. We are a punching bag for venting about things that we cannot control. We are
so much more than just a group of sweaty behemoths.
In my short 3.5 weeks in F3, I’ve met men who have overcome addiction, overcame near death
experiences, some even by their own hand. I challenged the guys to open-up to their PAX-
mates, and to lean on each other’s experiences and expertise.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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