Sept 21st 2022 / Stinson Park

AO: Heavy Metal

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: Dollface, Folsom, Pig Pen, Bookworm, Daniel-San, Snowman, Caruso, Hooah, Spreadsheet, ICB, Amadeus, Swinger, Touche, Demogorgon, Bobsled, Romeo, Tin Cup, Bloodshoot, Hipster, Mahomes, Black Flag, Z-bo

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.


Group started out doing 20x SSH, 16x Big Ones, 15x Tappy Taps.

Group moseyed to the hill and then we did clockwork merkins. 


Told the PAX to grab a partner, then did a 2 man grinder. One person ran up the hill and Bernie Sanders back down while the other person did big boys and alternated to Freddy Mercuries. Did about 6 rounds. 

The Thang

The group ran back to the playground and we circled up.

We did a Show and Tell beatdown. Starting at Dollface’s place, one person ran to the obelisk and back. The person to their right would then name an exercise and everybody would do it AMRAP until they got back. They would then rotate clockwise with their weights being stationary and take up the next person’s weights. This varied the exercises and weights for everyone. 


We ended with 20x flutter kicks, 20x box-cutters and rancid style hammers.


I had been thinking about how divided our country seems at this moment. And every time I think about it makes me sad. F3 makes me happy though. Why? Because in F3, everybody is welcome. If you’re a guy and you can do burpees, you are welcome. This makes F3 different than many groups related to political or religious affiliation where you must believe some specific things or you are no longer welcome in that space. Your identity must be a certain way. In F3, the bar of entry is low. 1) You are a man and 2) you want to workout. Every guy who shows up WANTS to be there. Do we sometimes have disagreements and there are probably people who come in and feel uncomfortable? Absolutely. I’m sure. But if they’re uncomfortable, it’s not because we try to make anyone feel that way. We are just who we are. And when we see each other out in the gloom, we love each other. We ask about each other’s kids and jobs. We get to know each other as people BEYOND a religious or political affiliation. I’d say that makes F3 Nation one of the most American organizations ever, but really to me, it makes F3 more of a Kingdom-oriented organization. Because as a believer, I believe our heavenly father welcomes everyone in. I believe that we are to be love to people so they see this. And I encourage all my F3 brethren to take the same love they have for men who are Democrats, Republicans, Catholics, evangelicals, Mormon, atheist, etc. WITHIN F3 and carry that to the outside world.

Ended in prayer.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Heavy Metal

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