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Q:  blades of glory 

PAX: Obi wan crab cakes 12 gauge yodel prime time.  Boji, Ozark, unicycle fish oil chicklets tonight show mr miyagi 

13 Total Pax

Weather:  questionable lightning stopped raining 20 min before work out 65 degrees. 

5:30 Basketball delay of game due to weather but mr miyagi, yodel, Obi wan, blades of glory still got 10 min in before started.  

6:00:  F3 Intro 3F 5 core principles, mission statement and modify (don’t crush your fancy watch on the coupon) or hurt your back. 


Side straddle Hop:  20 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Wind Mills 10iC

Inch Worms 5 of them

Burpees in 8 count cadence 5 of them:  still working on perfecting this



Team of 4:  2 will stay back work on list of exercise other 2 will run up to the stop sign and come back down.

40 walking lunges (20 out 20 back)

30 sit ups

20 merkins.

10 burpees. 

When run group gets back you remember where you left off. When running group starts they start from top of list.

6:25 Call 1st  Omaha


Got back in the circle to number off again. 

Count out in groups 3: so had 4 groups (3,3,3,4)

Start at 6:6:27 for 15 min

List of workouts stations.  You do them with your core group.  Complete one station and move to next station. The same theme from station 1 applies for all the stations.  Example cumulative Monkey humpers only count if 1 pax is in tree sitting with coupon above head position. 

  1. 1 Person holds Coupon above head 2 other do 100 Merkins total. So each person does 50 but you can rotate or do more if partner is struggling to get to the 100.  Merkins only count if the coupon is above head.
  2. 1 pax  Tree sit with coupon above head:  2 pax do 100 Monkey humpers IC total
  3. 1 Pax hold 3 Coupons while standing: 2 pac100 Side Straddle Hops Total
  4. 1 pax Balls to the fence 2 pax do 100 Cherry Pickers IC total 

Time went by fast we did 3 full rounds of everything this worked out great so each pax could try the “Hold” position at each station.  

6:50 called omaha. 


Blade Cutters: start at plank position   (1 UP 2 down 3 Out 4 back) 10 Both Legs

15 Star fish Crunchie

10 X cross sit up

End with 15 Box Cutters IC

Name o Rama.  

Announcements: Thanks crab cakes. 

Prayer: tin cup. Flinstone 


Chop wood get water. 

Stealing this from arm bar. 

Have been doing this pretty consistently.  But just this week I was like. Dude my house burned down and I am building it back up and the creek is low.   And I am still chopping wood and getting water the best I can.  This community has helped in so many different ways rebuild my house!  I would be as far along if I didn’t have the fellowship of F3.  Thx

Quick update on “situation” 

 Then mr miyagi took us out in prayer. 


Blades of glory 


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