9/20/22 Trident/Sterling Ridge – 75 degrees, 10-15 MPH wind

13 PAX: Almost Famous, Scoober, Wentworth, Paddles, Superfly, Slick, Skidz, Punching Bag, Vandelay, FDIC, Skipper, Water Boy

QIC: Oompa

Oompa welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30 AM. The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles, and motto were given. An inquiry about FNGs was also made, but no FNGs were in attendance.  PAX stayed at the shovel flags for Warm-a-rama


  • Stretched and did the following exercises:
    • Toe Touches x15 count
    • Quad Stretch x15 count each side
    • Hurdler’s Stretch x 20 count each side


The Prethang was a long, 1 mile+ mosey to the Temple Israel Synagogue.  PAX traveled east of Summer Country Kitchen, then west all the way around the AMI, Countryside, and finished in the parking lot south of Temple Israel.

The Thang

PAX counted off in groups of 3. Number of reps was always 15. Complete first exercise together, run down the parking lot to the lantern and back, complete first and second exercises together (15 reps each, again) before a run down and back. Keep adding a new exercise after each run. 

  • Merkins – Single Count
  • Monkey Humpers – IC
  • Heels to Heaven – IC
  • Carolina DryDocks – Single Count
  • Box Cutters – IC
  • Sumo Squats – IC

Oompa called Omaha at 6:05 and the pax moseyed back to the flags by the most direct route, about 800 meters


  • Superfly: Box Cutter x15 IC
  • Scoober:  Crusties x 15 IC
  • Rancid Hammers


Announcements and Prayers

3rd F opportunities were noted by Wentworth


I noted that I had been thinking about two Wayne Americans during our workout.  One is the little brother of my best friend growing up.  He is the younger brother I never had and I treated him as such growing up.  Now however, he is the executive director of Temple Israel, where we did our exercises this morning.  I am proud of the man and leader he has become.

I also noted that a pax member in attendance, Skidz, has done a lot of things in his life since my mother noted to me in 7th grade that “I shouldn’t hang out with Greg anymore, he’s a bad influence”.   Well, Skidz went on to beat cancer at age 14, graduate pharmacy school, become a leader in the community and in F3.  I am also proud of the things he has accomplished and the man he has become.

Both of these stories were to illustrate that, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was surrounding myself with leaders and friends.  I encouraged the pax to pay attention to the people they surround themselves with, because the lessons I have learned from these two individuals have/will be inspirational to me in my life.  Sometimes their accomplishments seem unreachable for me, but my proximity to them helps me understand that I am capable of similar feats, should the time come when I need to perform them.


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