Q-Icy Hot, Retweet, Slow Pitch, and Plague

30 Pax: Ice T, Sister Act, Skidz, Huffy, Skipper, Cosmo, Side Dish, Tony the Tiger, Gunner, SweetRoll, Big One, Saul, Vandelay, Honey Maid, FDIC, Dirty Bird, Almost Famous, Strangehold, Stella, Ditty, Sweet Sweet, Smashmouth, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Khakis, Tight Lip

The morning started with YHC arriving a little early to Wheatfields thinking about this being the last time he was going to have the opportunity to plant the Paradise shovel flag at an AO. Pax members began showing up and he started to feel a lot of support and love from the people that came from around F3 Omaha to support the shovel flag pass. Icy Hot introduced the pax to F3, reciting the mission statement, core principles, disclaimer, and no FNGs were present. With that the pax took off on a mosey.

Mosey to Regency Apartments Parking Lot: Seeing the group of men take off on a celebratory morning with lots of chatter and smiles brought a huge smile to Icy Hot’s face.

Warmarama: Icy Hot led the pax in 20 SSH IC. Short and sweet so the PAX could continue on the journey around a familiar route.

Continue the mosey around the Regency Lake to the bank parking lot where Plague had an opportunity to relive his time as site Q. You guessed it…Plague had a variation of a burpee. One round of Jump, tuck, burpees, then a 10 count, then another round of 10 jump, tuck, burpees. Everyone knew if Plague had an opportunity to lead burpees would be involved. Luckily it was early enough in the run that people were not complaining.

The mosey continued up Regency Parkway to the parking lot outside Williams-Sonoma. This is where Slow Pitch had an opportunity to lead. He started with a 10 count and then an explanation that every 2 seconds for 1 minute he would say down on the Merkins. He had the PAX do this for a minute. After another 10 count he instructed the PAX they would do it again. 60 merkins later the PAX was whining about how hard the slow controlled merkins were. Slow Pitch enjoyed hearing the grunts and complaints.

Mosey up the Westchester Dr.: At the top of the hill Icy Hot led the PAX in 10 burpees and continued the mosey around the curve and down Harney Parkway.

Retweet led the PAX in planks and an opportunity to strengthen our core at the bottom of the Rose. It was different running down the Rose, but on a special occasion the Rose had to be included.

The PAX finished the mosey off running down Regency Parkway back to the Shovel Flags just on time.

Announcements: Vala’s Pumpkin Patch is this weekend. An email is going out with ticket details. Thank you Crab Cakes. Heartland Hope drive is currently going on. Please contribute if you can.


On November 27, 2018, the Plague’s dream of an all running site with painstations became a reality. After a period time the Plague decided it was time to expand to Sarpy County so he handed this site off to Blue Suede, who has since relocated to Florida but before doing that he handed the flag off to  Slow Pitch, who did not drive this site into the ditch, but rather continued the standard of what those before him built. It was an honor over the last 53 weeks to carry this shovel flag and plant it to give others a place on Wednesday mornings to run 3 miles or more depending on the Q, a chance to have great conversations while running, or just listen because you can’t talk and breathe at the same time. I had an opportunity to run this site into the ditch when we were forced to make a decision about the future when Paradise Bakery announced they were closing. I am grateful the Pax made the move and has been understanding of the average coffee and the “Can I get you more coffee” at just the right time. Through all of this I am grateful to have had this opportunity to serve you all as the site Q of F3 Omahas only running AO in Douglas County and to continue to have a place to sit and have discussions on how to be a better husband, father, or son. Thank you Pax for volunteering to Q or stepping up to Q when I asked. It’s because of you that makes being a site Q easy and rewarding.

Now the time has come for me to pass this shovel flag on to another high impact man, Retweet. I was there the first time Retweet posted on that cold, snowy, Saturday at Aldrich. That morning I didn’t even realize who the FNG was until Jerry hopped in the middle to be named Retweet. Retweet and I actually had collaborated on a few student-athletes when I worked at Iowa Western and I had talked or seen him in 8-9 years. Retweet is a selfless individual who will help anyone who asks. He arrives each morning in the gloom with a smile on his face, and makes sure he says good morning to each individual who posts at the site. He has had some injury issues in the past but continued to try to post when he felt well enough. I am better because of him and I think F3 is better because of Retweet. I know Retweet will plant this shovel flag and remember what this flag represents which is to Plant, grow and serve. 

Congratulation Retweet!

Prayer: Retweet

Thank you for letting me be lead this AO! – Icy Hot

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