Weather:  wet, windy, rainy 54 degrees ish…

Site:  Oracle 6:00 AM

Q:  Blades of Glory

15 Total Pax:  Landsberry, Steeple, Red Ranger, Hei Hei, Slow Pitttchhaa, t swift, t party, DOA, Sargent Pencil (respect), Tater Tot, Doppler, Stitches, Paddles (Respect Respect) Diesel,

Oh Qing in the Rain, extra preparation (cover the lights) and forget looking at your phone or paper for guidance… This needs to be done with energy and passion… Well Good thing the PAX brought the energy and passion today.. They kept spirits high as we splashed in puddles and pressed our balls to the wall.  Fun old time at the Oracle….

6:00 I introduced myself, Blades of Glory, and started the Pre-F3 Workout ritual of Going over 3 f’s, Mission statement, 5 Core Principles, Moto, Modify all under a minute.  The crew was so excited to continue to talk that I had to stare some people down and talk louder for them to heed to my ritual wisdom… 

Before we did any Warm a Rama Did talk about September 10 is Suicide Prevention day.

September 11, is 9/11, 21 years Never forget, and Omaha is doing a Celebrate Recovery today at Bob Kerry Bridge.  Just some things to keep in mind or mumble chatter about when we work out today.  

Headed over to the Roundabout (20 yard (ish) away to do the Warma Rama.

Side Straddle Hop 20 IC

T-Swift Decided to do 20 Monkey Humpers IC

Doppler saw some men in uniform and sorry don’t remember the name( but put our hands in the air and spun them around) for 15 IC

Big One’s 10 IC  Stretched those legs..

We ran down main street… at least I consider it main street.. And near the end of the street we found a wall next to the gym where we were covered by the rain, for a time.

Pre-Thang began…

Wall: rounds of it…

30 Count

20 Donkey Kick

10 chicken peckers IC

5  Wall touch IC

Wall Sit:  30 Count.. 10 count Left Leg 10 count  Right leg 20 count

Reverse on the Wall so 

5 Wall touch IC

10 Chicken Peckers IC

20 Donkey Kicks 

30 Count (which Doppler did and encouraged all of us to stay up.. Or upside down..)

Wall Sit:  30 Count 10 Count  left leg 10 count right leg 20 Count

This turned out great lots of mumble chatter, encouragement, enjoyed the recover 10 count that we did randomly as we got blood flowing back to where it needs to flow… 

Then we continued to run to the track field but what was that half way between wall and track… It was a picnic tables and enough for all of the pax to do some work out so we stopped to do 2 rounds of the following…

10 Assisted pistols (one foot squat with other foot on bench for balance and strength)

20 Durkins

20 Dips

And then we did it again…

Omaha….Not really but on to the Thang…

We made it to the practice Football/Field track.

There we splashed through puddles on the way and made sure our socks and shoes had that nice extra weight…

Made it to the track and counted off into 4 groups. Each # went to that station.  

And we were off ……all the pax made it to where they needed to go for the next 15 min until Omaha was called.  

4 groups 

Station 1: Upper body 

22 merkins 

22 Carolina dry docks. 

22 ranger merkins. 

22 werkins. 

22 shoulder tap IC

Bernie Sanders aka run backwards

Station 2: Core 

-22 flutter kicks IC

-22 star fish IC

-22 box cutters ic

-22 lbc IC

-22 frozen Freddie’s

        Sprint  Run fast…

Station 3: Legs 

22 Forward lunges 

(1 count each leg) 

22 Backward lunges

22 monkey humpers IC

22 alternating side squats. IC. (Start feet together then step one foot to the side squat feet back together other foot step out. 

Side Straddle Run…?

      Station 4:

10 Burpees 


Called Omaha and we made our long way back to the Flags where we noticed the wind got the flags and got the shovel flags more secure….

Planked for the 6 or some pax went back to pick up the 6, then we started Marry


We did some Blade Cutters…Yes the PAX came up with the name since they were like what is this….. It’s like a Plank lift one leg up then back to extend to your side and repeat… So did 10 IC both sides…

Frozen Freddies 15 IC

Box Cutters.. 15 IC


Did Nam O Rama

Announcements.. Vala’s, Coronado, Feel free to ask to Q, IPax challenge continues.

Prayer Request:

Touched on importance of Suicide Prevention.  Again the 22 Reps were for the 22 vets who commit suicide each day… We have something special at f3 and have purpose, fellowship, and we don’t leave any man behind or any man where we found him.   

Each Pax member shared someone they knew personally who took their lives or was impacted by 9/11. 

 Blades started with: Sabrina left her 16 year old daughter..

and everyone shared.. It was very impactful… Thx guys…keep talking..we are here for each other..

Tater Tot took us out in prayer:


Blades of Glory


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