The Maize Backblast

9/8/22 5:30AM

PAX- (19) Mr. Miyagi, Scoober, Obi-Wan, Chowda, Longneck, World Cup (respect), Thumper, Ketchup, Lincoln Log (respect, respect), Vlasic (respect), Firebird, Doubtfire, Kingsford, Fine Print (no respect), Escobar, DaKine, Tea Party, Urkel, Sasquash

10K: Escobar and Obi-Wan crushed

Extra credit to Fine Print for a solo 5 miler with his weighted vest of at least an additional 50 pounds

5:30AM I welcomed everyone and congratulated everyone for taking the red pill!

Warm-O-Rama went down at bball court because that is tradition!

  • 15 side straddle hops
  • 15 tappy taps
  • 15 big one’s
  • 10 forward sungods with heel raises
  • 10 backwards sungods with heel raises

The Pre-Thang “Blackjack” at the bball courts as well

  • We all started on the sideline and ran across for 20 merkins, ran back for 1 LBC, back to the other side for 19 merkins and then back for 2 LBC’s: always add up to 21.
    • We could have finished but as Fine Print mentioned, “we crapped instead of busted” BHAHA to have time for our mosey and THANG!!

We moseyed on the new concrete sidewalk that looped around to a new little bridge where we stopped for “dipsky-doodles” and my arms were burning. I’d imagine others felt the same pain.

The Thang at the infamous “hill” for the main event

This was a 2-man grinder with 5 AMRAP workouts at the top of the hill while the partner lunged down the hill for 5 burpees at the bottom and then bearcrawled back to the top to relieve the partner from AMRAP

AMRAP consisted of

  1. Air Squats
  2. Werkins
  3. Jump Squats
  4. Plank to Merkin
  5. Bobby Hurleys

We then moseyed back to the shovel flag for good ole Mary


  • 15 heals to heaven
  • 15 toe touches
  • FP abs
  • The ketchup “6-inches” and the 30 second hold
  • 15 flutter kicks by Obi-Wan


Announcements – Pop-up Block Party at the Grove on Friday, Rowdy on the Q

  • T-ball raising money with a run on Sunday (reach out to him for deets)

Prayer Requests – Prayers for the family of 3 people who were found dead a week ago inside a west Omaha home as carbon monoxide played a role.


Think back to the first time you came out to F3… Unsure of what to expect, is this for me? What am I doing here? I am not fit enough for this. LOTS of thoughts going on.

I forgot to mention the lesson I learned when I only had string knit gloves and almost lost a few fingers in the middle of January of 2019 if it was not for Tater Tot’s Columbia gloves warmth. Learning lesson about having the right equipment!

Bottom line, we all need to continue going through more doors, making the best decision we can in the moment, with the information we have based on what is right and wrong. Not all decisions will be the best but we will learn. A lot of sad clowns need help opening the door to F3 and we can be that flashlight.

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