Site:  Wild Kingdom

Weather: 64

Q:  Blades of Glory

9 total PAX: muffs, Lemu, Mufasa, Cutting Edge, Paddles, Baby Shoes, Ketchup, patchy Adams

Pre-Runner: 4:45 Blades of Glory

Ruck:  Lemu


Welcome I am Jeff Gr… Right off the bat I got my first strike out… But Recovered with correct F3 name “Blades of Glory”  then F3 Lexicon continued to flow… Welcome to f3 Fitness, Fellowship Faith 5 Core principles, Open to all men, Free of Charge, Always outside, Led in a rotating fashion, and ends in a Circle of Trust.  Leave no man behind and no man where you found him and F3 Mission Statement is to Plant grow and serve Small work out groups for the Reinvigoration of male community Leadership.  No Friendly New Guys.. And still was 5:30 when I looked at my watch… 

Let’s Go… do Warma Rama by the Boat parking lot….

As we made our way to the parking lot… Patchy Adams showed up… It’s pretty obvious here at the Wild Kingdom….

Warma A Rama Circled up at Boat Parking lot. 

20 IC Side straddle. 

10 IC Big Ones

10 IC Imperial walkers

10 IC Cherry Pickers

10 IC Sun Gods with Calf Raise (go to your toes and back down)


Wall Thang

Made it to the Bathroom.. Not to use the toilet but the wall… Outside of the building.  Actually the South side where there is concrete instead of Grass with broken glass.   

Now I made it to the right location and found a wall. It was time to do some balls 2 the Wall.

30 Second B2W

20 Donkey Kicks

10 chicken peckersI IC

5 wall touch  IC

Wall sit time

Did a 30 Count 

10 sec.  Right leg up

10 sec Left leg up.. Yes you did get to put your right leg back down.

Then 20 Sec. Count.

Back to balls to the Wall

5 Chicken Peckers IC

10 Donkey Kicks

15 Sec BTW


We went on a jog around the parking lot.  This would be the loop for the “run” part of the Thang….

Made it to the picnic tables where there was a list of exercises.  

Encourage PAX to team up/partner up and we had 3 groups..that naturally formed.  (Great job guys, we didn’t have to use numbers to count off)

5 Burpees

10 Table jumps or step ups

15 Derkins

20 Dips

25 (v-Ups or Big boy sit ups) 

Take a lap around the parking lot. 

Got 3 Rounds in and started on the 4th when Blades called Omaha at 6:01

Moved to where there was light… I don’t think Blades understood “the Darkest AO in Omaha” if he kept moving towards the light and did the Nam-O-Rama directly under the light…. Anyway…


15 Star Fish IC

15 Frozen Freddies  IC

Ketchups 6 inch special….


Block Party pop up starts Friday @ Grove Park

Iron Pax is going on

Check Slack…

Prayers:  Jodi Semonell son Cole who passed away Wed. due to CO2.


I know I have spent so much time punishing myself lately… Also trying to find the reason behind it all, or why it happened the way it happened.  There is a lot of feeling, emotions, bottled up when saying “I forgive myself”…. I know it’s a process but I start by saying it to myself, believing it, and then living it… 


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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