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September 3rd, 2022

Q – T-Swift – Round 2 with a “Here we go again!”

PAX – Cheap Seats, Johnny Bravo, Homeboy, Pony Express, Light Bright, Vandelay, A-Bomb, Stitches, Doc Brown, Hei Hei, Cradle, Doppler, A1, DaVinci, Bubbles, Ponzi, Grillz, Sergeant Pencil, Diesel, T-Swift. FNGs – Stumpy & Love Boat

Count: 22


Mosey over to the practice field – bring the soccer balls! Circle Up, Cherry Pickers IC 10, Tappy Taps IC 10, Big Boys IC 10, Monkey Humpers IC 10

*4 Square Game – Thievery and Speed, keys to the game…and using your brains to cheat the system (looking at you HomeBoyand HeiHei!)  Burpees were the lovely reward for all.

The Thang: X- Grinder

Same square groups as before find a corner of the field.  Half jog to center of field, do 2 burpees, then return to other.  Complete the x-grinder with your partner and accumulate the exercises of – Merkins – 200, Big Boys – 200, Groiners – 100, Freddy Mercury’s – 200, Squat Jumps – 200, Heels to Heaven – 200, Rinse and Repeat.  Quick break during the X-Grinder to do partner abs with a soccer ball.  Due to DaVinci’s power of this new ab workout, they shall be named DaVinci’s from now on.


A lapse of the brain, Mary was almost skipped but thanks to Cheap Seats saving the day. 22 Hammers to bring us home.


Big shoutout to FNGs Stumpy and Love Boat.  Welcome and SYITG!

More sites popping up everywhere so check slack and the twitter. 3 murphs on Monday for day.  Special one at 7am for Old Spices VQ.

October 20th fundraiser coming – check slack!

Vala’s on September 16-18. Big shoutout to Crab Cakes for his leadership in this.


Jane and Luke Battling Cancer

Prayers for teachers and students has the routine of school has taken shape.


Making time for that M. Big shout out to Hei Hei, Doppler, and Doc Brown for giving examples (and completing their homework) on how to improve the most important relationship we have.  

Round 2 was better than Round 1, so enjoy the weekend. SYITG

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