August 18, 2022

AO- Labyrinth 

67 ish

Q:  Blades of Glory

7 Pax:  Gator, Ozark, Yodel, Unicycle, Enron, tonight show, 

At 5:30 did the Intro.

Welcome to F3

Hi my name is Blades of Glory I will be your Q

F3 Stands for Faith, Fitness, and Fellowship

Mission Statement to plant, grow, and serve small work out groups for the reinvigorating of male community leadership.

5 Core Principles

1. Open to all men

2. Free

3. Always held Outside

4. Lead in a rotating Fashion

5. We will end with a Circle of Trust.  But today is special because we will meet up with the Maize for the COT and be a part of the shovel pass.   

Moto:  Leave no man behind and no man where we found him

Not a professional so please modify.

And because it was such a small intimate group 7 and not 46 down the road Blades of Glory recognized everyone so no need to ask if there were any Friendly new guys.

Warma Rama: 

Started with a short short run. 

Big one 10 IC

squat  And  stretch the sides held for about 20 seconds. (inspired by birthday boy Wait time)

A little Yoga:

Forward fold hands on the ground scott or hop back to a blank Shamaranga, then go into down Dog, Stretched calves out then Runners Lunge, 

Let’s go for a Run and head to Grover st Dam, but stop at the roundabout.

Roundabout 10 Merkins IC  (slowed it down), 10 Monkey humpers IC, 20 Dips

Continued to run to the Dam.  Then went to the Dam hill, 

There we did 11’s  10 Merkins on top and 1 Burpee on the bottom (sprint up the hill, crab walk down) 9 Merkins, 2 burpees etc…..

Set a 4 Min Timer:  After going at it for about what seemed like 6 minutes Blades of Glory thought to himself “did I hit start, was the time right?”, then the site Q said something.. Oh I better check my timer on my phone and to my surprise we still had 12 seconds left.  Omaha….

Mossy again:

Do arm stuff: 

Zombie run:  Yes Blades called out Zombie run 5 seconds before the only random runner passed us… 😕  so That must of looked interesting.

Changed to hand in the air, then finally Cherry Pickers

We continued to run as a group (it was great with 7 Pax) , lots of mumble chatter and eventually made it over to where the Flags at the  Maize.  We did show up a little earlier than planned.  We started to do some Mary but invaded their home base and 47 pax members were upon us.  We made our way out safely to do our Nam o Rama as we gazetted and looked intensely at such a large group. 

Fast forward 4 minutes later after Maize finally got done with their name o rama.  The Labyrith Pax joined Maize for Prayer, Announcements, and C.O.T. of passing the flags.  (For more detail for COT please refer to Maize back blast)…

After prayer we did our best to say hi to the total mix of 53 Pax before we made our way back up to our flag.  

It was a great day as always in the gloom.

Barndoor did a great job with Maize, Obi Wan excited for your leadership, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wait time.



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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