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PAX: No Cry, Hooah(Respect), Biff, Demogorgon, Bovine, Flying-V, Othello, Rancid, Tin Man(DR), Polaroid, Ranch,  PE-85(Hate!), Stitches, Doll Face(Respect) and YHC U-Haul.

First seen was DollFace who was already on an early pre-ruck by 0445, to which Othello and No Cry joined later.

It was also great to see Red Ranger out training for a Marathon, running with Stitches, and following closely behind was Biff on the pre-run. All these HIM are beasts.

Finally bearing witness to Tin Man posting DR from F3 St. Charles, MO was a solid treat for us all. You could tell right away this tough dude has a big heart and we hope he see him in the Gloom real soon.

[0530] 1-2min

The Opener: Present the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. No FNG’s.


Mosey: To the west field. For Warm – a – rama: (5-6min)

Check point one: In the west field. Close to Ironwood.

15 (IC) SSH  

10 (IC) Tappy Taps

15 (IC) Big Ones

Check point two:

15 (IC) Cherry Pickers

20 (IC) Sun Gods

30 (U) Air Presses

Check point three: Mosey to the landing.

20 (IC) Oh Yeah’s (10 on each side)

10 (IC) Sit Thrus

[0538] (6-8min)

Pre-Thang: Grab a partner.

One partner is gonna go up the hill. Bernie, Bearcrawl, Sprint and then come down the stairs and relieve partner 2 who is grinding out.

50 (IC) Step-ups, 100 (D) Dips, 150 (D) Wall Squats or Incline Merkins

[0548] (15-20 min)

The Thang: Push Group around the Circle. Count off into groups of 4.

Station 1 – The Wall 15 Aussie Mt.Climbers (IC)20 Merkins (D)5 Burpees10 Chicken Peckers (IC)15 Donkey Kicks (U)20 Werkins (D) Rinse and Repeat  Station 2. – The Planter Lunge walk around Planter 20 Incline Merkins (D)5 Burpees15 Derkins (D)15 Step-Ups (IC)20 Carolina Dry Docks (D) Rinse and RepeatStation 3 – Southwest to sidewalk 15 Big Boys (U)20 Frozen Freddies (IC)5 Burpees20 Flutter Kicks (IC)20 Low Dollies (O)20 American Hammers (IC) Rinse and RepeatGroup 4 is a Mosey East around the Cul-de-sac and up to the Wall.

[0603] (4min)

The Post-Thang: Mosey to the bottom of the Eastern Hill.

Sprint up together. Failure to Launch at the top of the hill.

[0606]Omaha. Mosey back up to Shovel Flags


Announcements: Iron Pax is week Zero so be sure to sign up for that, First Friday Lunch this Friday.

Prayers: Hooah, Spreadsheet, Rancid, and Demogorgon.

The COT’s that we share out loud are the ones we need to hear ourselves and this is no exception. Whiles I find myself in full swing of a transition and a new life already being wrought from the stone of deepest truth, I find myself on my best days feeling powerful and on my darkest days saying to myself “am I doing the right thing?”, “who am I putting first?”, and “where am I going?”

I was overhearing on the radio before I took off for my vacation this story of a chicago based musician I had never heard of before by the name of Justin Roberts. At the beginning of his professional career he was a pre-school teacher and he had a band and he found himself composing songs for children but with emotional depth. He’s been dubbed the Paul McCartney of kids songs. Anyway he eventually had a child, a son, himself and his songs became more personal and eventually, when he thought it was appropriate, he introduced his son to his music and one day he introduced him one of his older records and the song “I’ve Got the World for You.” Came on and when the song came to the bridge, his son Eli burst into tears. He was like, “I don’t want to cry.”

And his father said, “It’s OK to cry”. And he was amazed ’cause that’s a song I wrote more for parents than for kids. And the very next day, His father said to him, “you know, music is so amazing. It makes me cry, too. It makes me laugh.” And then his son whispered something and then, he said, I’ve got the world for you. And His father said, “are you requesting the song or telling me that?” And he said, “I’m telling it to myself.”

I’ve been unpacking that for the past week and wondering why that story cut me so deep? How do I justify giving myself the world, when I know I need to give my family and the people I love, and the world my first priority?”

It just so happens as I was contemplating this, it’s not an accident that I jumped on 4 planes over the week and had strangers whos’ job it is to come up to me directly and remind me, two feet from my face, in the event of pressure dropping, put your Oxygen Mask on first and then your child.

“I have to tell you about the future”, and it is this… your future is bright. I know because you’re still here, getting what you need. This being a bigger part of your weekly ritual, is what you need to so that you can give serve your family, loved ones, and give back a bigger scale. And as we look to the future, from here a top this hill, I hope you are willing to answer the call to something bigger, and on those darker days, Scary Sunday’s, know to take a deep breath, lift your foot, and take that next bold step to giving yourself the world.

“If you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it,

to work day and night for it /to give up your time, your peace and sleep for it.

If all that you dream and scheme is about it,

and life seems useless and worthless without it.

If you gladly sweat for it and fret for it and plan for it /and lose all your terror of the opposition for it.

If you simply go after that thing that you want / with all your capacity, strength and sagacity, faith, hope and confidence and stern pertinacity.

If neither cold, poverty, famine, nor gout, sickness nor pain, of body and brain, can keep you away from the thing that you want.

If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it, with the help of Sky-Q, YOU WILL GET IT!” — Les Brown

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