Date: Thursday 8/25/22

AO: Golden Spike


Welcome to the first ever F3 “Respect the Hate” pop-up.  Side Dish [Hate] and I [Doll Face – Respect] will be Co-Q’n today.

Mission Statement, Five core principles, Credo, and disclaimer shared.  Asked if there were any FNGs present – there weren’t any today.

Weather:  Perfect temperatures in the upper 60’s with rain clouds flashing lightning just to the NW of AO – Golden Spike.  God held back the rain until we were all mumblechatting at Coff-a-teria.


HATE:  Merit Badge, Almost Famous, E-85, Punching bag, Side Dish

RESPECT:  Vlassic, Vandelay, Hoo-ah, Mulligan, Patton, World Cup, Ozark, Khakis, Wait Time, Lemu, Trademark, Chicklets, Doll Face

RESPECT, RESPECT:  Q-Tip, Cyclone, Paddles, Brad Pitt, Lincoln Log,

Co-Qs:  Side Dish & Doll Face

Warm-a-Rama: Q’d by Doll Face

  • 10 Walkout Merkins
  • 30 Second Frozen Banana
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • Rinse-n-Repeat


Split into Hate and Respect, count off into groups of 4, then combine 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s.

Station 1: [PUSH GROUP]  On bleachers, pair up and wheelbarrow up the stairs, mosey back down to the bottom, flapjack and back up the stairs.  After each person has finished one climb up the stairs the group will Dip Shuffle/Crab walk sideways down the bleacher benches to the next station.

Station 2: Merkin Mountain / Derkin Downtain

Start at the first bench, execute 1 merkin, Bear Crawl 2 steps, execute 2 merkins, Bear Crawl 3 steps, execute 3 merkins,… etc until you stop at the stop bench and execute 7  merkins.

At the top turn around and descend with Derkins.  1 derkin, Bear Crawl 2 steps, execute 2 derkins, Bear Crawl 3 steps, execute 3 derkins, …etc.  Rinse and repeat until pushed by station 1. 

When pushed, sprint across track/field, sideline to sideline to the opposite bleachers.

Station 3: Speed Stairs

Route:  Up the entry stairs, left side shuffle across to next stairs, mosey down, right side shuffle to the starting point. Run through each of the 5 rounds below.  Rinse and repeat until pushed. 

  1. Sprint up the stairs as fast as possible
  2. Each stair, each foot
  3. Each stair, 1 foot (one-legged hop, switch to opposite leg halfway up)
  4. Feet together, each step (bunny hops)
  5. Feet together, skipping a step

When pushed perform an elevated merkin shuffle across the benches before exiting the bleachers.  Then mosey to the center of the field for the next station.    

Station 4: Core at mid-field – 30 yard line

  1. 10 Big Boys
  2. 20 Banana Boats IC
  3. 30 Freddy Mercurys IC
  4. 40 LBCs IC
  5. Rinse and repeat until pushed

Omaha was called around 0600 and we gathered at the 50-yard line for some Mary.

Mary: Q’d by Side Dish

  1. Hold both legs at 6” for a time period then change to a high pike position – hold until Q said back to  6”, hold then we did some flutter kicks low, next flutter kicks up high, then back to scissors for a time. After this, we recovered. 
  2. 20 Banana boats IC
  3. American hammers – “Rancid Style” each pax counts out the next number moving clockwise around the circle.

Omaha called.


Announcements:  2nd F event at Folsom’s house – Grill out before the Westside vs. Creighton Prep High School football game this Friday.

/Prayer requests:  Patton’s friend Christian is battling cancer.  Our brother Burns from F3 Puget Sound who lost his M after her battle to cancer.  Others also shared their wish to pray for other F3 families who are battling cancer.

COT Side Dish

I often find myself complaining about being ‘too old’ when I wake up sore after a beatdown, or forget things, or when I see what kids are doing these days on social media and I say to myself ‘back in my day we did it better.’ But being here for the past 2 years has shown me, if anything, that being ‘too old’ doesn’t exist and isn’t a bad thing. We’re all out here together, Hate and Respect, doing the same things getting our asses kicked together. Despite being on the opposite ends of the age ranges, we have more in common that not in common and just being out here is a good enough reason for us to share the field.

COT Doll Face – Encouragement (I had to shorten my live version – here is the full written version.)

Our F3 Mission Statement: 

Plant, Grow, and Serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

“Plant, Grow, and Serve…”  Plant & Grow doesn’t happen w/o Service.  “Serve” simply means “to be a servant.” Serving is personal


Merriam-Webster defines “Invigorate” – Transitive Verb – it connects the first half of the mission with the 2nd half; Invigorate means “to give life and energy to”

It doesn’t matter our age, we all need invigoration. And one way that we can invigorate male community leadership is through encouragement.

Encouragement:  3 parts of the word

En – “Put into or onto”

Courage – mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

-ment – action/process

As I was looking at the definition of invigorate, I noticed its synonyms – and the word “yeast” was on the list.

Yeast, is small, yet if you put a little bit into a ball of dough, it causes fermentation / ACTIVITY and multiplies (growth).  A similar example would be a single tiny spark that can start a forest fire that can spread and affect many lives.

We all need encouragement. I need encouragement. I need each of you guys to continue to encourage, push, and help me accelerate. I can’t do it without you.  And we need to do the same for each other.  Encouragement isn’t only being positive, like saying “Great job” or “You crushed it today;” but also, it requires us to “man up” and encourage each other to reach deep within for that extra “umpf” to pull through a beat down. Example:  C’mon Doll Face, get off your ass and get moving!  We all need a “heart to heart” push now and then to get us to the next level.

As High Impact Men [HIM], we need to have courage, enough courage to encourage the people God places in our lives.

I challenge all of us to be encouragers.  Encourage our Ms, 2.0s, and each other. 

You don’t know when your encouragement may light the spark that sets the world on fire!

0620 Coff-a-teria at Stories

Here is an article I saw online that shares 19 ways to encourage others:

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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