Thursday, Aug. 25 | The Berm | Stone Creek Park | 70 degrees and Humid

PAX (17): The Plague, Pantyhose, Toto, Tinman, LPC, Armbar, Motorboat, Truly, T-Swift, Skipper, Birdman, Back Country, Schnitzel, Slap Shot, Cradle, Turbine, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

SMurphers: Farva, Armbar, The Plague

Pre-Runners: Pantyhose, Toto, Slap Shot, not Sparty

The alarm went off at 4am and I had no problem getting up as I got plenty of sleep last night. As I drove to The Berm, 2 things caught my attention: 1. I see you Sheriff hiding in that dark parking lot and 2. I was not going to be able to do the Pre-Run. After I pulled into the parking lot and I wished off the SMurphers, I looked at the pre-runners and let them know I needed to make an emergency trip to the local gas station. When I returned, it appeared that The Plague showed up and jumped into the Murph. I quickly set up my stations and made a small mosey for a quick 1-mile pre-run. This whole time we got to take in the beauty of a lightning storm to the north that kept lighting up the sky. More to come on that later…..As I wrapped up the final station at 5:14am, I quickly made my way to the shovel flags to give free fist bumps to all the PAX that had shown up. I then thoughtfully took the PAX through our F3 Welcome.


  • Welcome to F3
  • Mission Statement
  • 5 Core Principles
  • Disclosure
    • Additionally, I shared that I was going to try something new today so we’ll see how today goes.

I then led the men on a quick tour of The Berm’s campus as we took a nice 0.48 mile mosey and stopped on the basketball court for a quick WAR.


  • Sun Gods: 10 F/10R IC
  • Cherry Pickers: 15 IC
  • Overhead Claps: 20 count
  • Tappy Taps: 10 IC
  • Big Ones: 10 IC
  • Little Ones: about 25 seconds

There was a lot of Mumblechatter. 1. I’m always good with this as this helps build a lot of Fellowship, and 2. I wanted to let the men get it out of their system as I knew the Beatdown would have very little of it. At the conclusion of WAR, we moved right into a simple Pre-Thang that was meant to get their heart-rates up.


  • Lined them up along the east out of bounds line and had them run across the court, Bernie Sanders back, then perform 2 burpees. We did roughly 5 rounds.

Mumblechatter persisted through this as the PAX were going at their own nice pace. I then shared a brief “early Omaha,” so they knew that was the conclusion of the Pre-Thang. We then took a short mosey over to the “Eye of the Storm.” I started by describing the beatdown as the Bermuda Triangle. I again reinforced that “I really had no idea how this would go, so sorry if this sucks. And by sucks, I mean it’s not a good workout.” The men counted off into 3 groups and then I explained the workout. There are 3 stations. Your group will perform all the exercises on the sheet then mosey counterclockwise to the next station. You will continue you this pattern the whole time. The caveat is that I have a timer set to a random time that will go off every so often. If you are in the middle of your run when it goes off, your group has to go to the middle (beautiful fireside chat lamp was placed in the middle) and complete the exercise, then return to where you were going.

The Thang – Bermuda Triangle:

  • Station 1
    • 15 Squat Jumps
    • 10 Bonnie Blairs IC
    • 20 Bobby Hurley’s
  • Station 2
    • 15 Flutter Kicks IC
    • 10 Gas Pumpers IC
    • 20 Heels 2 Heaven IC
  • Station 3
    • 15 Ranger Merkins
    • 10 Tempo Merkins
    • 20 Werkins
  • Center of the Triangle
    • 10 1-leg Burpees

I believe I heard a couple “oooo’s” as I explained this and really no one knew what this would be like. Everyone got through a full round of all the stations without a hitch. Then 2 groups got caught by the buzzer, and that’s when things got real. Then the 3rd group got caught. Then my group got caught a 2nd time. It then became very apparent that no one wanted to go back to the center. As a result, the groups started moving quickly through the exercises, and the mosey all most turned into a sprint. This was really cool to see how the urgency went up as a result of guys wanting to avoid the 1-leg Burpees. Which by the way, I will give Slow Pitch the credit for those. I have no idea where they were ever introduced, by my first experience I will never forget as we were doing our Fight Club group during Covid at was then Death Valley and has since been named Octagon. It was a beautiful morning with large snow drops falling on us and Slow Pitch kicked our butts. I’ve busted these out multiple times and my mind always goes to that one glorious morning in the Gloom. At 5:52, I called Omaha! We returned to the flags for a quick round of Mary. Side note that couldn’t be left out, our man Armbar kept running after his SMurph as he is racking up miles for his marathon training. This beautiful soul does not like lightning and returned to The Berm and joined our group.

6MoM: American Hammers – Rancid Style 17 IC

Name-o-rama: Started with the porter potties just to make it weird. Lots of smiles, Truly held onto his can today, no Hate or Respect, T Swift remained adorable, and a tiny glimpse of the lightning.


Announcements: Murph Challenge Pop-up next week on Wednesday to wrap things up. Halfway House is again this Sunday starting at The Canyon and heading to what some refer to as Heaven, and others Hell. I simply call it Iowa.

Prayers: Greenhouse has a procedure. Reading Rainbow’s daughter has some treatment coming up. Kids/Parents/Bullies, lets continue to teach our kids kindness and respect, and pray for the kids that aren’t receiving this and love at home and take it out on their classmates. My friend Will. Our Brother Burns from Washington (State), which leads into my COT.

COT: I originally had a big pump up speech prepared for today until I saw something in the Twittersphere last night that blew me away. A few days ago, David Walzer (F3 Burns) lost his wife to cancer. F3 Puget Sound posted a video from yesterday morning of Burns returning from a run in the Gloom with an F3 brother. As he emerged from the woods, he was overcome with emotions as he was presented with a line of High Impact Men from F3 Puget Sound and F3 Seattle as they lined the path with each person holding a candle and standing in silence. In a conversation with Tater Tot last night, he perfectly described it when he said, “that moment he first sees the candles just breaks your heart, yet fills it in the same breath!” This then took me down a path to where I found a “statement” Burns put out there the morning after his M passed away. I want to share this with all of you because this is so much more important than any message I have for you:

“WOW – The Impact a Shover Flag has cannot be underestimated, as I see 23 flags adorn my front yard this morning. I am humbled by the support it represents. The support of MEN – High Impact Men – Men who have become my brothers, outwardly showing my family the support it has when we are traversing this challenging time of grief after the loss of my beloved wife Kathleen to cancer. A 571 day battle fought with love, grace, and trust in our faith.

My paradigm shift notes this is MEN – not women, demonstrating the love for others. Men stepping out and being vulnerable; pushing aside vanity or pride and making a declaration to serve others ahead of themselves. Today, my family is humbled by being served from you, HIMs of F3 Puget Sound & F3 Seattle. My family knows we have others praying for us, walking along side us, and with us during our grief. Men that can be called upon for assistance at a moments notice.

HIM of F3 – your words of support while in the “gloom” of these past months are truly understood to be genuine and heart felt. The countless buprees, miles run and rucked, cups of coffee, and shared beverages are moments of love for each other is truly appreciated. I look forward to serving you exceedingly as I have been served so that in your time of need, you know that this humbled soul will be available to you.

I share with you a daily prayer that sustained our family as of late. A prayer that kept us out of the depths of despair, anger and self-pity. ‘Lord, we thank you for this day. A day that we get to choose. We get to choose between darkness or light. Today we choose light, in Jesus name.” And without any hesitation the men at The Berm this morning in unison said, “Amen!”

YHC took the PAX out in a brief prayer.



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