Temp: 67 degrees and the northern sky lite up by lightning
PAX: 10 – Doppler Stitches, Flying V, Twin Peaks, Othello, No Cry, Wiley, Snooky,
Demogorgon, Touché
QIC: Touché
The Opener – Touché presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, credo and the disclaimer
Tried to mosey, when Othello reminded me of the 5 core principals.
FNG today – 0
Mosey – The PAX moseyed around the memorial to circle around the flower bed.
Warm – A – Rama:
Sun Gods 10 IC forward and backward
Seal Claps 10 IC
OH Claps 10 IC
Cherry Pickers 10 IC
Tappy Taps 10 IC
Tater Taps 10 IC
Big Ones 10 IC
Mosey – Moseyed down to the bottom of the stairs where the thang was
The Thang: It was explained that this was a 3 main grinder that Sparty lead once and
was pulled from No Doze. There was a light with a winky at the bottom of the hill
by Dodge that was not visible from the stairs, but I assured them it was there.
There was a winky at the base of the stairs as well. We broke into groups of three
and did the following.

Top of Hill:
Merkins, Burpees, Dips, SSH (No one got to these exercises) Carolina Drydocks,
Incline Merkins, Cherry Pickers, Werkins

Bottom of the hill:
Freddie Mercury’s, Plank Hold, Big Boys, LBC’s, (No one got to these exercises)
Chillcutts, American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumpers, Shoulder Taps
Omaha was called at 0605 and moseyed back to the platform at the base of the stairs
for a 10 count as QIC couldn’t breathe. Moseyed back to the flags

Not at Futurama
This workout has been stuck in my mind for the past 2 years because it was the
worst. I was only in F3 for 2 months when Sparty brought this to Futurama. I was
partnered with him and Slow Pitch. I thought I was going to die but everyone
was encouraging and pushed me along which is what I love about F3. I wanted to
do this work out because we could, and some people don’t have these
opportunity’s anymore. As I said in prayers, I lost a friend to an overdose on

Sunday. 27 years old and he’s gone. We were lucky enough to not only wake up
this morning but put 2 working feet on the ground and stand and come out today
to something that a lot of people can’t. With the passing of Owen there is an
expression that I was reminded of that says, “If you appreciate someone, give
them their flowers while they can still smell them.” We see at funerals people
stand up and say nice things about the person who passed and how much they
meant to them. Let’s not wait till the funeral. Give those kind words now. If
someone inspires you, let them know. Don’t assume they know. If someone
smells good, or has a nice smile, tell them so. Don’t wait to give them their
flowers. Give them to them now so they can enjoy them.
Pre-Game at Folsoms Friday before the football game. Check slack.
Othello thanked everyone for coming out to Brush Up. Great some men!
Blood drive, check slack.
Burns from F3 Puget Sound whose wife passed from cancer
Demogorgon that he has the strength to work with his ex-wife and be there for his kids.
Owen’s family have the strength to deal with his passing.

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