August 13th, 2022 Oracle 7:00 a.m. Beatdown (72degrees)

Disclaimer/Motto/Core Principles were all addressed and no FNG’s

10 PAX: Redacted, Chariot (Hate), Vandelay (R), Mulligan (R), Sargent Pencil (R), Skipper, Cheap Seats, Rollbar, and Slingshot (Double Hate).

Q: Wentworth

Warm-O-Rama:  Moseyed over to the Boystownmonument along Dodge street and did 3 sets of 15 and started with SSH’s, Inclined Merkins, Dips, and Failure to Fly/Failure to Land. (Combo of air squats with Sun Gods learned from STL)

Pre-Thang: Core work with each PAX leading us in 15 reps of an exercise of their choice.

The Thang:  YHC had this all planned out on paper and then when he thought about it a little more during the Pre-Ruck, I started questioning how we were going to keep things moving with the PAX.  Rollbar and I talked it through and I still had my doubts on the flow.  2 cones with a coupon on one end and a 60 # sandbag on the other.  Sandbag probably weighed more than Slingshot, but Redacted helped him out with the carry.  Each cone had 4 exercises that were to be done AMRAP until pushed by the coupon or sandbag carry back and forth.  Cone # 1:  Plank Jacks, Apollo Ono’s, Carolina Dry Dock’s, and Air Squats   Cone # 2:  Werkins, Mountain Climbers, Bobby Hurley’s, and Alternating Shoulder Taps  There was also a bear crawl and lunge option to move between the cones.  Not sure what I was thinking, but this whole Thang turned into a mess, but as Mulligan stated to some of the PAX, just keep moving.  Lesson learned, stick with a tried and true grinder or station to station in the future and not this cluster.

6MOM: Marge and Homer’s and then Rancid style hammers 

Announcements and prayers:  Some 3rd F announcements for Brush Up Omaha project on 8/20 along with a Freed to Bleed on 8/26, and then prayers were stated for some PAX, family, and friends.  


YHC stated the importance of serving others as is usually a common theme to his COT’s. YHC also used this opportunity to announce to the PAX that the 3rdF Q was going to be handed over to Vandelay today. YHC appreciated the opportunity to lead the 3rdF for the past 19 months and felt that it was now time to pass the ceremonial shovel flag to Vandelay who has been a true HIM for our PAX to follow for a long time now. I am excited to see how he puts his stamp on this role and develops out the opportunities and organizations that we are able to partner with moving forward.

Wentworth ended in prayer 


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