Wednesday, Aug. 17 | Main Stage | Millard South High School | 61 degrees with 97% humidity

PAX (29): Escobar, Barbershop, Singlet, 12-Gage, Killswitch, Mulch, Sweet Sweet, Muffs, Bayside, Doubtfire, Danza, Chippendale, Back-up (FNG), Robinhood, Pit-stop, Firebird, Scoober, Baby Shoes (Hate), Frosty (Respect), Rowdy, Griswold, Truck Stop, Watch Tower (FNG), Schrute, On-Target, ABC (FNG), Yogi, Doppler (Boop), Sparty

QIC: Sparty

SMurphers: Singlet, Barbershop, Chippendale, Griswold, Schrute, Sasquash

Pre-Runners: Escobar, Bayside, Yogi, Pit-stop, Scoober, Doppler, Sparty

What a glorious morning! There was a slight chill in the air with a light layer of fog. As I arrived early to set up, I was greeted by some BAMFers that were getting ready to take off on their SMurph for the morning. I made my way down to the field to set up my stations and take a nice little walk down memory lane. I loved this football field as I watched my brothers play there and 2 of the most memorable football games of my life were played there. In the fall of 2000, with 0:31 left on the clock of the semifinal game, we (Creighton Prep) blocked a punt on Millard West and scooped and scored to win 9-6 and go to the state championship. It was pandemonium. The following fall, we returned to play Millard West again on 9/13/2001. All professional and college games were cancelled that week, so why the hell were we playing is beyond me. Regardless, it was an emotional day for everyone. Enough with my boring stories….I returned to the flags in time to meet the pre-runners as they were gathering just before 5am. We quickly learned that the humidity was through the roof and breathing was a lot more difficult than we anticipated based upon the temperature. As we returned to the shovel flags, a nice group had gathered. To my surprise, an FNG was standing there that I’ve known for more than 20 years which as very exciting. Welcome Watch Tower! Right on queue as the clock struck 5:30am…..

“Goooood Morning! I have 5:30am. Welcome to F3, I am your Q for today and I am Sparty. F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. We exist to plant, grow, and serve men’s workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership. We operate on 5 core principles: we are free, we are open to all men, we are always held outside (Always Outside), we are led in a rotating fashion, and we always end in a circle of trust. We have 3 FNGs today (everyone claps and says Welcome). My disclosure is that I am not a professional so everything going forward is simply a suggestion, so feel free to modify as needed. With that being said, let’s get started.”

I then led the men down to the track. Earlier in the morning Griz made a comment to the point that “if Sparty starts with only 5 SSH, you have your work cutout for you.” While this is something I know he loves and I planned on starting this way, I decided to throw a curveball.


  • ATMs: Alternating Shoulder Taps 20 IC, Tempo Merkins 20 IC, 20 Merkins
  • SSH: 5 IC

As that concluded warm-a-rama, I could hear Griswold giggling. I then went into explaining the Pre-thang which was met with blank stares and zero words.


  • Burpees Mile: Partner up, one partner runs a lap while the other partner performs burpees AMRAP style. Upon his return, the partners switch. Each partner runs 2 laps each, which equals a mile.

I asked if there was anyone left without a partner and to my surprise, the 20-year-old speed demon was standing there. Baby Shoes (Hate) and I got after it. What I do like about this is that while the men are constantly moving, the burpee station does allow for mumblechatter. As everyone finished, I had everyone circle up to count of in 4’s for The Thang.

The Thang

  • Football Stadium Massacre (4 Stations)
    • South endzone: 20 Burpees
    • Visiting Team bench: 30 Squat Jumps, 30 Jump Tucks, 50 Squats
    • North endzone: 30 Makhtar N’Diayes IC, 30 Mountain Climbers IC, 30 Tempo Merkins IC
    • Home Team Stands: 30 Werkins, 30 Diamond Merkins, 30 Chuck Norris Merkins

After the count off, I assigned each group a station and announced that you rotate counterclockwise, and there is no push group. Your group will execute the first exercise on the sheet, then move to the next station. The 2nd time returning to a station, you perform the 2nd exercise, and so on with the 3rd round. The Home Team Stands required the men to run up the stairs then do the exercises at the top of the stairs in the middle of the stands, then run back down. This was a quiet group today. There wasn’t much chatter happening during the beatdown, but there was sweat left all over the place. The men came to work today. Knowing that we had 3 FNGs to name and we had to mosey back up to the flags, I called “OMAHA” at 6:08.

Name-o-rama: There was a lot of good energy, and an aggressive Spartan Kick from our man Griswold.


  • Backup: As it was jokingly said “anytime you were arrested,” he giggled and said, “I was arrested once.” As he explained the story of a fight his buddy got into, he jumped in to help Back him up. This didn’t take long
  • ABC: I missed what he said here, but heard Escobar get excited and say “Always Be Closing.” And there it was.
  • Watch Tower: While he shared that he works for Warner Enterprise, and they do dispatch work there, Frosty caught wind that his last name is “Hinrichs.” This quickly turned everything into Jimmy and Watch Tower was the song that was best.

Announcements: Shovel Flag pass tomorrow at The Maize to Obi-Won. 2nd F opportunity tomorrow to run a 5k then hang out at Jukes. 3rd F opportunity this Saturday to help paint a house for the Brush Up project, contact Thor if you are interested. 2-Club Conundrum is also coming up in a week and half if you are interested.

Prayers: All the silent ones in the men’s hearts.

COT: I often times share my messages as they relate to things that Goggins talks about as a lot of it resignates well with me. Today is another one of the times. I love his message of talking about the difference between being motivated and being driven. Most people find and have motivation. While this can be a good thing, it’s temporary. You lose it after you complete something. Being Driven is something that is constant and relentless. I relate to this really well. An example of this is that I ran a marathon 2 months ago. After I finished 26.2 miles, I felt zero happiness or gratitude. I loved my 16 weeks of training as it was a grind and I loved the discipline of it. I didn’t want to lose this. So the week after my marathon, I went out and ran a Half-Marathon. I love the journey and the destination means very little to me. This parallels well with a concept I don’t like. People always talk about “the light at the end of the tunnel.” This is meant to encourage people to keep pushing and remain positive to reach the goal, or have relief from their struggle. What we learned from metallica is that the line at the end of the tunnel, “its just a freight train coming your way.” Don’t worry about escaping. Stay in the fight, and figure out a way to see in the dark. Enjoy the process and don’t get so focused on the outcome/destination. It may disappoint you. This is the constant that keeps pushing me. I encourage you all that if you are someone that thrives off of motivation, move away from that and find your drive.

This was fun today! Thank you for the opportunity to lead you all.

Prayer: YHC took the men out in prayer.



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