AO:  The Armory | August 12th 2022 | 72deg perfect

PAX: Hoser, Nelly, Singlet, Lincoln Logs ( Respect x2 ), Barn Door, Hard Hat, Barbershop, Muffs, Supe, Tea Party, Cradle, Lemu ( Respect ), Rowdy, Escobar, Bayside, Yogi, Pit Stop, Skidz, Boji, 12 guage, Buzzsaw, Vlassic ( Respect ),  Robinhood, Yodel, T-Swift, Da Kine, Slow Clap ( Respect ), Speed Square, Big Unit, Thor, Gator, Griswold.

QIC:  Griswold

Bunch of pre-smurph’ers and pre runners & pre walkers (awesome).

5:30am Welcomed the Pax, Introduced myself, gave mission statement, core principles and disclaimer.  No FNG’s today. 

I was scheduled to actually lead 8/26 but my M has a work trip planned kinda last minute to Utah so fortunately I was able to swap with Yogi.  8/26 is actually my anniversary date with F3 but we are going to celebrate it today anyway.

Humbled by 30+ PAX being here today.  Having support is so awesome, especially from a bunch of men I respect.  Anyway, lets get it on.

We mosey’d up to the middle school parking lot for a little shoulder steinl.

Plank: 30 seconds, Merkins x 10, Alt Shoulder taps x 10IC, Dry Docks x 10, Raise the roof x 10, Merkin x 10, Alt Shoulder taps x 10IC, Dry Docks x 10, Raise the roof x 10, Merkins x 10, Alt Shoulder taps x 10IC, Dry Docks x 10, Raise the roof x 10, Plank 30 seconds.

We then mosey’d down the stadium steps to the adjacent hill for a little grinder mile.  Partner up, one guy AMRAP bernie sanders up the hill, while partner runs a lap.  Repeat x2.

Thang:  Groups of 4 for a Griswold Grinder.  Tried to do this with some different stuff to shake it up.

Group 1 ( Push ):  25 Mountain Climbers IC, push to group 2

Group 2 ( Cardio ):  AMRAP, Burpees, Side to Side Jump Squats, Plank Jacks

Group 3 ( Strength ): AMRAP, T-Merkins, Piggy back squats w/ partner x 10 then switch, Wheelbarrow Derkins w/ partner x 10 then switch.

Group 4 ( Core ): AMRAP, Toe touches, gas pumpers, low dollies.

Mosey’d back to shovel flags.  Rancid Hammers IC x 31.

Prayers & Announcements: Boundary line launch, canyon flag pass, maize flag pass, two club 27th, brush up 8/20, Armory & Dragon’s lair gear, 8/20 back to school 2.0 workout, Moon man leaving, flowers go fund me on slack, Sean Hess diabetes, Weaver family in Lincoln, Shane

CoT.  IDK man I said a lot.  I’m just thankful and grateful for this group, mojo guys, sarpy guys, the east side boyz, tater and wait time and sparty and slow pitch and so many people that keep me motivated day in and day out, but especially my shieldlock Light Bright and hard hat.  LB is the definition of heart and grit and hard hat has taught me more about myself than anyone ever has.  I ended with I’ll never be able to repay what F3 has given me but I’ll die trying.  I love you all.



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