August 15, 2022
The Octagon
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Q: Ice-T

Intro: Introduce the five principles, mission statement, one FNG!

Pax in attendance: Slow Pitch, Romeo, Black Flag, Rollbar,Trademark, Hooah, Golden Pike, Z-Bo, Beaver, Mac n Cheese, Lansbury, Limu, Khakis, Side Dish, Boomerang (FNG), Honey Stinger

Warmarama: 15 SSHs, 15 Tappy Taps, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Goofballs

Pre-Pre-Thang: Listened to “I Got A Feeling” by Black-Eyed Peas for a Merkin Circle, or Circle-Merk.

Pre-Thang: Men partnered up and one ran across the parking lot, did three burpees, and returned to swap with his partner. Meanwhile, the partner did air squats and LBCs while waiting.
Thang: We did 100s for the beatdown. We rotated through cherry pickers, sumo squats, flutter kicks, alternating shoulder taps, freddy mercurys, and others. Once someone reached 100 of the exercise, the pax ran up the hill and back down for the next set.

Post-Thang: Did a modified relay race up the hill, using the “Patton Principle” so nobody tumbled and went to the ER.

Mary: We did 15 box cutters, Marge ‘n Homers, and ended with rancid-style American Hammers.

FNG was originally from the Omaha area, moved away to Vermont, and just returned. We named him Boomerang for going and coming back.

COT: We returned from a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Italy and Croatia, and I was struck by how relaxed and calm everyone was. Whereas in the US we are hurried, rushed, and usually trying to do more more more, they have a much more casual approach to life. One store only opens for two hours each day – which allows the storekeeper to enjoy 22 hours of the day. Why do we work so hard to retire and enjoy 24 hours a day; why not shift our lives to enjoy 22 hours each day, particularly while we’re younger and more able? Find a way to shift your life and make more time for enjoying today.

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