Welcome to F3

Hi my name is Blades of Glory I  will be your Q today.

Are there any first time people showing up today.  

F3 stands for Fitness Fellowship and Faith, 

F3 Has 5 Core principles

Open to all Men


Always outside

Lead in a rotating Fashion (yes even allow those from west O) to lead Shout out Swiper

We end with a C.O.T. Circle of Trust.  

Mission statement is to plant grow and serve small work out groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership.

Moto:  Leave no man Behind and no man where we found Him

Disclaimer:  I am not a professional…So modify as necessary, but will focus on full range motions.

Warm a thing.Rama

10 Side straddle hop IC

10 High knees I.C.

10 Butt kicks IC.

10 Big ones IC  

10 Imperial walkers IC

15 cherry pickers IC



We made it over to the North wall of the School where there was still scaffolding.

Wall Pyramid 

25 count hold

20 donkey kick.

15 chicken peakers

5 wall touch.

Wall Squat 

30 Second Count 

10 Second left leg up

10 Second Right leg up

10 Chicken Peakers

15 Donkey Kicks

20 Count

Wall Squat 

30 Second Count 

10 Second left leg up

10 Second Right leg up



Warm a thing.

At the Parking Lot:  This was used more to get loose and to stay by the lights so we could see how moves were to be done.

10 Blockies (Burpees)

10 Overhead Walking Lunges (1 Each Step) lunged and then walked back to flag.

20 Air Squats Have you butt Touch Coupon

10 Sit UPs with Arm Extended Up (totally forgot to explain this one…)

10 Thrusters with Coupon.



Groups of two

One person will run a lap around the track and then relieve the other person. You pick up where you left off.  Each Pax member do their own count.   so if on 10 air squats you continue. Suggestion is if your form is suffering. Rest to do a full rep. 

This is where if you want to push yourself you can.  If you want to do this like in a group of 4 so 2 of you have a running buddy then do the work out together you can. Group of 4.

If you need 15lbs you can modify it. I have 2 down there and a set here. 

I would just emphasize full range and work muscles that maybe sometimes you don’t get.  

You can start when you get down there.  So partner up while making your way down to the field where Blades already had speaker and sheets with lights.  

5 Blockies  10 Lunges 5  Blockies Turn Around 10 Overhead Lunges 

30 Air Squats to coupon:  

15 Sit Ups W/ Coupon

15 Thrusters W/ Coupon

When partner comes back from 400 m run remember what count you are on and pick up where left off

Omaha 6:03  Blades tried to make sure there wasn’t anyone halfway around the track so he started to come back half way.  He noticed Splenda (Hey) going full speed so encouraged him to keep going while having the “older”  turn around.  We moved our Coupons over to the speaker (Corner of Football field)  Having a great Track to do Core on is awesome so didn’t really circle up but got in a spot off the track so we could do Marry.

6 Min of Marry:  

20 LBC

15 Star Fish

15 Frozen Freddie

15 Heals to Heaven (something close to that)


Announcements:  blood driveAugust 26,  main stage flag pass August 10 , iron pax in September 

Prayer Request: school kids

Nugent Flag Pass: Flag was passed from Crankbait to G String.

C.O.T.:  Give Back your best too.  

Last week I q’d something similar to this but I was not in it.  I got lazy, I know how to do it, I got a flag now, I don’t have to prepare as much, they will work with me, I made fun of myself but then Got pretty angry… I was giving half ass instructions expecting people to do what I thought they should be doing without explaining it to them or even writing out clear instructions.  I reread them and I was confused.  This led to a bad outcome and the #1 Q’s Creed for the Q is “I am responsible for the outcome.”  I did not like that feeling and wanted to make sure I put the work in and explained things better next time.  

There are times when I am fun but unfortunately I have become bitter and angry… Take my kids away from me, accuse me of something I didn’t do, and cost me some money. I have let that become my identity…   Self infliction and punishment doesn’t help but at times I need to blame someone and choose myself.   Yes not the smartest choice.

I still have a choice to forgive myself, choose joy, and Love and not sit in resentment. Some days are better than others. And to tie it back around I didn’t prepare let me anger go sideways self inflicted but today I choose love, Joy, and thankful for the Pax.

Aye! Blades Of Glory

Swiper took us out in Prayer.

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