08/12/2022: The Golden Spike, beautiful morning

I arrived early to set up to make sure I could get things ready before joining the pre-run.  A lonely Slow Pitch car was parked along Burke Blvd and made me feel sorry for him Smurphing alone.  Maybe I would join him rather than Pre-run.  I had not yet decided for sure what workout we would do and it may have depended on our numbers, so I had a couple of different things set up and ready to go.  Little did I know at that time the decision would be made for me in the next few minutes.

I went out to greet Cheap Seats, and as we were thinking maybe we would join Slow Pitch – the stadium lights came on.  How nice, I thought – Oompa has enough pull to get us stadium lighting in the morning now.  Then a few football players emerged for practice, and it was clear we would be evicted from our Friday morning home.  I quickly went out and gathered up my materials and figured I would figure out a plan for the upper parking lot after Pre-run.  A small group had assembled for the run and Dirty Bird broke out to join Slow Pitch and surprise him during his Smurph experience by playing the role of God – you can ask them about it.

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QIC: Vandelay – 

After returning from pre run I greeted everyone and presented the standard mission, core principles, and disclaimers.

I offered special greetings to all Middle Children in the group but reminded them that, to me, that didn’t matter today.

We took off to the upper parking lot since the football team was beginning practice in our stadium field.


Some Yoga back stretches while covering what was supposed to be my COT about listening to your body and not killing yourself with crazy exercises.

4- 5 Person Groups with 2 stations and a runner.  

Station A: Alternating rounds of Cherry Pickers and Air push ups as AMRAP

Station B: Alternating rounds of High Knees and Butt Kickers as AMRAP

Runners -Jog back and forth.

While this went on – I set up our makeshift football field in the parking lot to use for The Thang.

Pre Thang

Plank – Hold for 40, 20 Merkins, Chillcut – Hold for 40, 20 Merkins. Group handled the count alternating 20s.  Repeat.  


I really enjoy stair workouts at The Spike so that was supposed to be the focus but being booted caused me to call an audible, so we completed the exercise program below on the west parking lot.  

Thang consisted of reassembling with your Warm-A- Rama group.  As a group we started at the south end of the parking lotand ran 10 yards and did Bernie Sanders back, then 20 yards and back, then 30 yards, etc. until you reached the other end of the parking lot.  Exercises were at each 10-yard mark in quantity of line marker:

10 – Alarm Clocks

20- Monkey Humpers IC

30- Merkins


50- Air Squats

40- Flutter Kicks IC

30- Mountain Climbers IC

20- Bobby Hurleys

10- Bonnie Blairs IC

1 Oh Yeah

Remember – this should have been on the field.


We had to do Boxcutters – 20 IC

FDIC led us in Marge and Homers

Rancid Style American Hammer

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers:

• Octagon Mental Battle Discussions continue next week

• Scoober’s sister’s friend’s daughter – Golf tourney for CF

• Aug 25- Respect – Hate Pop up

• Aug 20- Brush Up event

• Flag pass at Maize next week

• Flag pass Sat at Canyon

• Oracle 2.0 workout Aug 20

• Prayers for Flowers and his family with passing of his brother.

Message from the Q – Vandelay:

I had a COT I had been working on since I read an article about a week ago, in light of everyone killing themselves on Smurphs and Half Marathons. We really need to take care of ourselves and not look to destroy the bodies we are trying to build up. Enough on that- I will save the rest for later.

This week I was struck by a Co-worker whose husband had a relapse into alcohol and drugs after about 6 years clean.  I also had an architect I had known die earlier in the week but learned yesterday that it was suicide.  He was 58 with a wife and three young adult kids and he was a great talent.  People have a lot going on and we don’t always know what it is.  All we can do is be ready to be the difference maker in that situation.

I had offered to help my co-worker’s husband before but there was no real interest or understanding about what I was offering.  Yesterday, she came to me and said, “Can you let XXX into your group?”  Various support groups for AA and others are extremely important in the lives of recovering addicts and I know there are many in this group that understand.  I don’t really, but I have much trust in many of you and I feel that I have some outside understanding.  What a humbling thing- Can he be in your group?  That struck me with the level of responsibility that question carried.

It is a huge responsibility that people would look to F3 as that missing thing that can help someone keep it together.  I hear people talk about it all the time, and I feel similarly but in different ways.  

Be aware and be ready – your chance for impact may be unexpected when it arrives, but you are more than equipped to make that difference that is needed, when it is needed.  

I trust you.

Aye! Vandelay

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