August 11, 2022 | Futurerama AO | Memorial Park | Temperature perfect for sweating 

PAX: Kerry Wood, Hipster, Merritt Badge, Demogorgon, Dollface, Rooster, Sister Act, Wiley, No Cry, Tin Cup, Two-Step, Stapler, Sandy Cheeks, Spreadsheet, Folsom, Stitches, Polaroid, Joe Buck, Flying V, Spacebar, Ranch, Othello, Greasefire

Q: Frosty

YHC welcomed the PAX at 5:30 and reviewed the mission statement and the 5 core principles. In the pre-blast there was a riddle: “We go around in circles, but always straight ahead. We never complain, no matter where we are lead”. I repeated the riddle and we set off in a quick mosey to the flag

WARM-O-RAMA:  Circle around the flag for Warm-O-Rama. We counted off at 23 (2 were added during warm-o-rama for 25), welcomed Kerry Wood Downrange from St. Louis and confirmed no FNGs 

SSH – 10 
Tappy-Taps – 10 
Big Ones – 10 

Cherry Pickers – 10 

Burpees – Rancid Style – Every man called out a Burpee (25)

To the overpass for Tip-To-Tip. We easily covered the entire overpass. Each pax leads us in 10 reps of an exercise, alternating between:



Until we got to 10 sets of each exercise. 

Run up the hill back to the flags for THE THANG (I encouraged everyone to run as fast as is sustainable but keep running).   

Everyone get a partner.  The partners run in opposite directions around the circle drive and do a set of exercises every time they run into each other.  Push yourself with the running 

10 – Big Boys 
10 – Squat Jumps 

Omaha was called  


 Prayers and Announcements:  

Announcements: 2 Club Conundrum, Brush em up, Canyon Shovel Pass 

Prayers: Prayers for all the teachers, students and parents starting the new school year. Continued prayers for Greasefire’s grandmother 


Do you know what my favorite COTs are?  The COT that talks about belonging to something.  We’ve got something here that is unseen.  A spirit or force that grabs you.  When I first started and I couldn’t quite do 15% of a beatdown.   I’d go to the COT and I would still leave inspired.  Maybe I could’ve done one more rep.   Maybe I could’ve ran a little farther up the hill!  

How can being a part of something bigger than myself make me exercise harder??  That doesn’t make any sense.  Or does it.  

WE GO AROUND IN CIRCLES BUT ALWAYS STRAIGHT AHEAD.  WE NEVER COMPLAIN, NO MATTER WHERE WE ARE LEAD —–  The riddle from my pre-blast.  It’s a wheel.  A wheel goes in circles but always straight ahead.   

F3 is the wheel and I am a small part of it but I’m definitely a part of it.  YOU are definitely a part of it and I hope you always feel like you are!   

I didn’t always fit in growing up.  I didn’t always feel a part of when I was with my friends.  I don’t always feel a part of when I’m at work.  There are times I don’t feel a part of with my own family.  But I always feel a part of F3.   

If you hadn’t shown up today, our wheel would’ve been a lot different.  You are all such a big part of this wheel whether you know it or not.  A few examples would be Wiley’s effort, Kerry Wood posting down range and Joe Buck’s COT at his VQ moved me to tears because I totally understand him. F3 is the common denomenator.  

So keep showing up and always try your best.  Keep pushing.  It may feel like you’re just going round in circles but believe me you are ACCELERATING straight ahead. 



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