5:30am Beatdown:​12 Pax and Swiper, Stranglehold, Baby Shark, Pit Stop, The Bod (Respect), Low Flow, G String, Jean Claude, Michelin, Motorboat, Maaco and 2 FNGs (Mile High and Rouge) Welcome!!!!

Maaco began with the standard regulation F3 introductions.  There was some chatter welcoming the new guys to the “Running AO”.  Those with watches, set them to stun and we began our mosey to the practice fields nearby. 

We performed some warm-up exercises on the field and made our way to the track.  Shortly after breaking up into smaller groups, the whining and complaining began.  Maaco challenged the participants to recall the story of the Tortoise and Hare, in the tasks to come.  

The Thang:  

In our groups, we would run a total of 4 laps around the track.  But before finishing the fourth lap.  We pax member in the groups hustled to complete the following.

200 Merkins

100 Hydraulic Squats IC

100 Sarpy Slammers IC

Each group picked a strategy to finish this task.  Where they Tortoises or Hares?  No one knows.  We all suffered from our arms and legs were on FIRE!  But each group killed it!!

We made our way back to the shovel flags. 

Announcements and Prayers:

IPC will be here before you know it.   Challenge yourselves when you post! #justpost.

COT: With the Tortoise and Hare in mind! Be Confident, stay humble!

Swiper spoke to Sky Q for us.

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