AO: The Helix  

August 9th, 2022

61 degrees, cool, crisp air. Clear sky with lots of stars

PAX- Mulligan, Nailed It, House Party, Al Borland, Buzzsaw, Kielbasa, Kill Switch, Jenni Bravo Flowers, Pig Pen, Truly, Chowda, Slow Clap, Sgt Pencil, Amputee, Theraband

Q: Roadhouse

Neal Armstrong. Edmund Hillary. Ferdinand Magellan. All men that called themselves the first. The first to walk on the moon. The first to climb Mount Everest. The first to sail around the globe. And now in the pantheon of firsts, here I was… The first Q in a new era at the Helix.

Now I know what you are thinking. Roadhouse, how can you even compare those other firsts to this? The Helix is so much bigger than the moon, than a mountain, than the globe. And you are right. Those guys have no idea the pressure I was under. This was the Helix, under new management and I had to kick things off with a bang.

Truly needed me. F3 needed me. And the first 13 guys said no…. it was my time!

I pulled into the lot around 5:02 AM. The perfect time to get ready for the beatdown while also avoiding any pressure to do a pre-run. It was darker than I remembered. I had a few ideas for the THANG and needed to walk the hallowed ground to figure out which one was best for this morning. I hit the flashlight app on my phone and started walking. After a few laps around the site, I had it all figured out. I was feeling really crisp.

 Back at the shovel flags, the PAX started to arrive. The first was Mulligan and can we just stop and take a moment to acknowledge what a beast this guy is. He had just finished a 10K to start the day and was now eager anticipating the beatdown. What a stud!

With the launch of Whetstone happening nearby, I was not expecting a big crowd, but the Helix crew is a loyal one. By 5:30 there were 17 of us. It was an awesome group, and we were ready to rock and roll.

I welcomed the group and shockingly got the intro delivered okay… The 3 Fs, the five principles, even got the mission statement. I then asked Truly, the new site Q, to lead us to the basketball court for Warm-a-rama.

We circled up on the basketball court. And got to work!


SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 15 IC

Big Ones 10 each leg

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Sobriety SunGods

Goof Balls 15 IC

For the silent side straddle hops we were completely in sync. Except for one if us. Ironically, it was Truly. Clearly the weight of the morning was impacting his math… Love you brother!

After Warm-a-rama, we lined up on one side of the court and got ready for some basic calisthenics. (It was an homage to Olivia Newton John who just passed on Monday. RIP Sandy). 

THE PRE-THANG: Basketball Court 

Broad Jumps down and Sprint back

Butt kickers down and Sprint back

High knees down and Sprint back

Lunges down and Sprint back

Karaokes down and Sprint back

After the pre-thang, I had Truly lead the PAX on a mosey to the playground on the south side of the site. Once there I introduced the group to the Thang. We were in the Southern Bowl and we were going to start moving and never stop.


We started on the path and looked out towards the bowl. A layer of fog sat on the grass and someone may have referenced a Cypress Hill concert. We were going to do a simple workout. Merkins, LBCs and Squats. Accumulating in count as we ran from one side of the bowl to the other.

We started with Merkins. 200 of them. Broken into sets of 25. We would do 25 and then run across the grass. Then 25 more. And run. Rinse and repeat until we got to 200.  Then came 100 LBCs. We finished with 50 deep squats.

Omaha was called and we moseyed back to the flags. It was time for Mary.


American Hammers- Rancid Style- 16

And recover. The beatdown was over. The PAX had survived. We did good.

Name a rama went shockingly smooth and we kicked into announcements.


Tee Ball launched The Whetstone this morning. Congrats brother!

Prayer Requests:

Mulligan’s Co-worker Tim- quadruple bypass surgery

Chowda’s friend Charlotte- rough patch in life.

Prayer of thanks for Nailed It’s Wife. She had a great first day work!


My COT was inspired by a quote I saw recently from my man Pablo Picasso. He said,  “The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away.”

As someone who waited a long time to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, this quote really resonated me. Some of my friends knew in high school they wanted to be doctors. Others found their calling in college to be lawyers or engineers. For me, after 4 years of high school, 7 years of college (you read that right) and ten years of working in meaningless jobs, I was actually 34 before I figured out what my gift was, what I was meant to do.

And that was a good feeling. To find your gift and the thing that you do better than anyone else is terrific. But to Picasso’s point, when you figure out how to give that gift away to others and change their lives, it becomes magical!

Being great in a silo is one thing but to share your greatness is what makes the world a better place. Take some time to reflect on this the next few days. First of all, what is your gift? What is your super power? And second, how can you make this world better by sharing it with others.

I love you guys!


Slow Clap took us out in prayer.

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