August 5th 2022 / Burke High School

AO: Golden Spike

Q: Golden Pike

PAX: Wait Time, Vandelay, Tom-Tom, Honey maid, Chiclets, Slow Pitch, Danza, FDIC, Oompa, Jenny Bravo, Oliver Twist

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles.


We did some SSH, some elbow to knees, Wait Time lead us in some stretching, etc.


Divided into two groups. Made a square with cones in the middle of the field. Each cone was about 20 yards apart.

Group 1 did a Tabata-style timed workout rep of 4 different exercises in the middle of the field and was the push. I used my bluetooth speaker and the “Seconds” app to do the Qing. 

The exercises were:

Bobby Hurleys – 35 sec

10 sec rest

Bonnie Blairs – 35 sec

10 sec rest

Plank Jacks – 35 sec

10 sec rest

Jump squats – 35 sec 


Group 2 

Was supposed to do a Bear crawl chain, but that quickly dissolved when I realized how frigging hard it was. Instead, I had the group do bear crawls on the parallel track of the square and lunge walks on the perpendicular sides of the square.

The Thang

Stayed in two teams. Took the F3 workout deck and cut in half. PAX formed each team and chose one guy from each team to play against each other. Rules were WAR, but best two out of three. The card that wins was the workout the winning team did AMRAP to team 2’s push. The number on the card determined what team 2 did.

1-7 = Running to the goal post
8-10 = Running up the stairs

J-Q-K = Running up the stairs doing 5 burpees and then run back down.

PUSH was not done until the team’s six is back down.


We did a bunch of bullcrap. I don’t remember any of it beside Rancid-style hammers.


I talked to the PAX about how much I hate summer. I hate summer because it’s often the time where I just want to stop working out because it’s so frigging hot. I don’t want to run when it’s this hot. I’d rather stay inside, snack and pack on the pounds. This is exactly what I’ve done the last few months.
I’ve realized that there’s always a voice telling me “It’s OK. You deserve this.” And it lets me just stay comfortable and fat. This is not who I want to be though. For my friends and my family, I want to be better. So, I’ve had to start telling the voice to “Shut up”. Because of F3 there’s another voice telling me “You can be that guy who runs every day and thirsts for a heavy workout. You want to live a long life and be there for your kids and grandkids. Choose me.” I have to stop silencing that voice and start feeding it.

Each person has a personal decision to make when they come out. Are they going to do better than last time, or are they gonna stay the same? I know I need to do better.

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