Saturday, August 6, 2022|The Pit |Halleck Park, Papillion, NE | 78 degrees and sweaty

“Wrestling with Expectations” 

Q: Ditty 

23 PAX: Maaco, Broadway, Milo, Gipper, Razzle Dazzle, Ethanbreous, Splenda, Star Hop, Harding, Shingles, Crankbait, Short Circuit, Golden Pike, Schrute, Icy Hot, Baby Shark, Chernobyl, Double Dip, Duracell, G-string, Fun Dip, KOA, and Ditty

Announced: Welcome (FNGs?,) Mission Statement, Five Core Principles, Disclaimer, and Credo.

I did it to myself! I built up the expectation for a singlet, and when it came time, I had to deliver. A 45 year old man in his Jr High singlet is something no one should have to see, but the PAX demanded & I delivered. Uugh! Sweaty crotch and all. Eeewe!

Pre-Thang: 3 circles: with the PAX in a circle holding a plank

1. Take turns going over one PAX and under the next around the circle 

2. The circle stands and does fast feet. Whenever Q says down, do a burpee (sprawl) 

3. Run around the circle going over the PAX’s legs

The Thang: Number off for groups of 4; within the group form 2 pairs of partners

One pair did a moving exercise, then push the stationary pair

Movements: Fireman’s carry, Low Lunges (shot drill,) push partner while he offers resistance, bear crawl

Stationary exercises: 5 burpees, 10 WWI sit-ups, 15 Arches (off back,) 20 Merkins, 25 Sit-outs IC; rinse and repeat until pushed

Repeat The Thang until Omaha is called (2 times through was enough for any PAX!)

So sweaty and tired, I called Omaha and threw back in the warm-o-rama. I had removed the warm-up after reading Freed to Lead’s thoughts on stretching. (It’s a 45-60 minute beatdown. If you want to stretch, come early.) Also we found a random couple walking their dog and decided to play some weird music to see their reaction (to both the music and my sweaty singlet).

Warm-o-Rama: 10 Big Ones IC, 10 Rockettes IC, 10 Torso Twists IC, 10 Cherry Pickers

6MOM: 15 Dying Cockroaches IC , 15 Heels to Heaven (Omaha style) IC, 15 World War 1s, Rancid Style American Hammers IC

Name-o-Rama: Throughout the workout, Duracell keeps pulling out his phone. At first, I think he’s just playing DJ for me since the PAX like music and I don’t want to think about the songs when Qing. I now see he’s been taking pics of me Qing in my singlet. Perv!! 😝

Announcements: Qsource is a DQ after the beatdown. The Mental Battle pop-up went so well, we’ll be continuing it every other week. Thanks, GP! The next is on the fifteenth with location TBD. It will be close to The District/Octagon. Freed to Bleed is this month: check Slack/WhatsApp for time/place.

Prayers: Hook/Andy kidney transplant went well. Justin’s broken hand is healing. Pray for a good recovery for these men. Pray for all those heading back to school.

COT: I wrestle with expectations. As an addict, I’m told expectations kill. As an procrastinating ADHD, I forget to set goals and act aimless. I need to work towards a balance of setting and working towards goals aiming high to excel, but not let unmet expectations destroy me. Having a shield lock seems to be the best tool for achieving this. I’m still working on forming mine, but F3 is helping me form these relationships. Be open and vulnerable. When I am weak, then we are strong.

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