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Shout out to Wayne, the guy on the bike who came and talked to us prior to the PreRun. Damn it was hot. My first post and PreRun @ Mt Olympus! 88 freaking degrees @ 4:45am!

5 Badass Mofo’s for the encore Fire & Light Show. Those in attendance included DoubleDip, FunDip, Broadway, TruckStop and YHC, Firewalker. This was a Sub-Q for our boy Knobs, who now owes me one!

FW welcomed the pax. Said the things I am supposed to say. Said a few things that are not part of what we’re supposed to say. We shouldered our Coupons and were off! We slow mosey’d – slowsy’d, down to the track.


⁃ 400 Meter Run

⁃ Neck Rolls. 5 Right / 5 Left.

⁃ Arm Stretches. 10 Count Right/Left Across Chest and Elbow over head.

⁃ 10 Windmills, IC

⁃ 10 Jump Tucks

⁃ 15 Cheerleader SSHs IC


Exercises were posted at the base of the lightning rods, I mean field goals poles. Did I mention storms rolling in from the west? Plenty of cloud to ground lightning headed our way! As long as it also brought rain, game on! TruckStop asked now fewer than three times if we should move away from the goal posts. Wise HIM. For the record, we didn’t move.

One pax complex AMRAP coupon exercises at goal post while partner ran to opposite end goal post, 120 yards, and completed three burpees with a clap, the only true way to burpee, and ran back to relieve his partner.


1. Curls

2. Kettlebell Swings

3. Overhead Press

4. Squats w Coupon

5. Merkins

6. Thrusters

7. Bonnie Blairs

8. Blockees

It was awful. Omaha was called after we completed each exercise and we shouldered our coupons and made the trek back to the shovel flags.


15 Minnesota Mike Tyson’s IC. Courtesy of Briquette and F3TwinCities!


⁃ Blood Drive 8/26

⁃ Shovel Flag Pass @ StormBreaker Monday


⁃ Dip Brothers uncle Chuck passed Sunday. Prayers for their family.


FW shared quote from the weekend. “When you teach your son, you teach your son’s, son”. The Talmud. Remember the long term effects and importance of leading your kids and family.



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