Thursday, August 4, 2022, 2022|The Steel Mill |Halleck Park, Papillion, NE | 64 degrees


Q: Ditty 

PAX: Cop-a-Squat, Taxman, Black Tuesday, Chernobyl, Mr. Hanky, Duracell, Sweet Roll, Truck Stop, Splenda, Legolas, Crankbait, Shingles, Fun Dip, Mortar, Harding, Star Hop, Animal House, Rooney, Ditty

Announced: The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and Five Core Principles. No FNGs.

F3 Steel Mill Q: Blackjack

21 reps @ 21 stations (1st to complete all 21 stations wins “blackjack!”)

Anything that you can use your weights with, do.

  1. Manmaker Merkins (not Manmakers)
  2. Step Ups Right Leg
  3. Bent Over Row Left Arm
  4. Lunges Right Leg
  5. Overhead Press Left Arm
  6. Murder Bunnies
  7. Side Plank Leg Raise with Ankle Weight Right Leg
  8. Bicep Curls
  9. Big ones with weight
  10. Calf Raises w/ weights
  11. Deadlifts with coupons on bar (may have to take turns)
  12. Step Ups Left Leg
  13. Bent Over Row Right Arm
  14. Lunges Left Leg
  15. Overhead Press Right Arm
  16. Grave Diggers
  17. Side Plank Leg Raise with Ankle Weight Left Leg
  18. Weighted Jump Rope
  19. Dips weight in lap
  20. Table Press
  21. Burpees

With time to spare we took a mosey around the pond and did “Sarpy Slammers” Rancid style for Mary.

Group 3 won at Blackjack and was given the honor of choosing the Swole award winner for the week from their group. They chose Shingles. Congrats!

Announcements: Freed to Bleed August 26, lots of VQs (just post,) First Friday lunch tomorrow,

Prayers: gratitude for healthy babies (and a new Rooney,) Ditty’s & others mental health,

COT: Ditty led an ADHD COT thanking the F3 PAX for the encouragement over the last year and encouraging them to live our credo. Keep coming out, but stay home if it’s needed. We be here when the next day. Take a breath and know the PAX have your back. Also, if you are healthy, reach out to the PAX that are struggling; you don’t know the blessing of a quick text to a hurting PAX. Pick up the six!

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