‘Temp: 74 degrees

PAX: Gunner, Joe Buck (hate!), Side Dish (hate!), Doll Face (RESPECT), Spreadsheet (hate!), Polaroid, Tatertot, Spagetti-O! (hate!), DOME, Bovine, Stapler, Khakis (RESPECT), Hoser, E-85 (hate!), Merit Badge (hate!), Spacebar, Blackjack, Rooster, Hooah (RESPECT), Rancid, Othello, The Plague, Demogorgon, No Cry, Swiper, Slow-Piiiiiiiiitcha and YHC U-Haul.

YHC was feeling the love and all the tingles this morning as the most men that have ever been to IRONWOOD began to gather after the Smurphing HIM arrived.

[0530] The Opener: “Good Morning! Welcome to Ironwood! Under any other first Monday of the month, this would be a Murph, BUT today as it is a special day, we will be taking a tour of the features of this AO. ”

Presented the 3 F’s of F3, the mission statement, the 5 core principles, and forgot the disclaimer until far too late. No FNG’s so F3 Credo. Take care of each other. Pick up the Six. Let’s move!

As we moseyed down to the dirt baseball field, I was shocked to see our brother Polaroid down on the ground early on with men getting to his side. This tough HIM wisely took time to get to his feet with some help from his brothers and jumped back in when he was ready. Smart man. This guy kept on going and finished the beatdown!  

[0532] Warm – a – rama:

10 (IC) SSH  10

(IC) Tappy Taps 10

(IC) Big Ones 10

Mosey Southwest to the Cul-de-sac. In 3 groups.

Broke up into 3 groups. On the mosey, Clydedales at the front, Whippets at the back. Hand on someone’s shoulder front of you. When you hear the call “SWITCH” switch arms in your line staying in your place in line.

At the bottom of Chicago Hill. “The hill in-front of you is a feature at this site. I wanted everyone to see it and to let it work on you as perhaps inspiration to for future use in a future Q . Just if you do, Please stay to the sides as it as working street.”

[0538] Pre-Thang: Murph Inspired[6-8min] 4 rounds. 3 Groups. Stay as a group together.

10 Pullups,

20 Merkins,

30 Air Squats, Rinse and Repeat

[0546] Mosey: to the woods.

The Thang: 10min – The Grinder at the Gauntlet

Broke the PAX into groups of 3. 3 Burpee Tax in the middle.

 1st Cone             150 Merkins (D)             150 Bobby Hurley’s (D)             150 Mountain Climbers (IC)             150 Gas Pumpers (IC)
3rd Cone                    150 Freddy Mercury’s (IC)              150 High Knees (IC)              150 Werkins (D)              150 Plank Jacks (IC)         

[0600]  Mosey to the small Hill / Post-Thang: Piggybear Brothers [6-8min]

Pair up. P2 is gonna jump on P1’s back, piggy back ride up the hill and at the top they’re gonna do 10 BigBoys with a handslap and then Crawl-bear down and switch partners. Rotate to make sure everyone gets a turn to back pack up the hill three times or until you hear “Knights!”.

[0606] OMAHA Mosey to shovelflag.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama,


(The Plague): Shovelflag’s are being passed left and right as F3 Omaha continues to grow and find leadership.

Tomorrow at The Helix, Sunday at The Rabbit Hole, and Next week at Stormbreaker, Main Stage, and The Canyon and the week after that The Maize.


(Rooster) Prayers for Arlo and everyone in Tyler’s family as they deal with their tragedy.


“I have a lot of things to say so I’ll keep the Shakespeare to a minimum.

Now, my co-mates and brothers in exile,
Hath not old custom made this life more sweet
Than that of painted pomp? Are not these woods
More free from peril than ANYTHING else we have going on in our lives?

If not, I hope it will be someday as this place is to me. What this place has become. A sanctuary. A sanctuary of sweat, human connection, and brotherhood open to all men. An AO that is the product of our mission statement and our core principles. The product of a germinal idea that began as a pop-up and accelerated into an East AO site with some legit pull-up bars and a good shot at perhaps being the wet-est AO in Omaha #alwaysoutside. It was last summer when I shared my doubts about really committing to this site as a site-Q and Tater said “it may just happen without you”. That’s when it hit that this thing that we do every morning out here is bigger than any single one of us. I am Third.

And any idea I’ve ever had about this site has comes from the PAX. Pony and Mac N Cheese individually taking us over here on a Thursday, Spreadsheet with the first Monday Murph’s, The Smurpher’s at the Launch, Gunner and Rooster having coffee in front of Oahu’s house, Othello and Dollface with the “Knights of Ironwood”, AND Rancid saying “what about DOME as the next site-Q?”

When I first asked DOME he jumped at the chance, like he jumped on top of Tater one morning after recovering from his injury, his only reservation was that he was expecting his first child in October and maybe a second site-Q would be needed. When I went as Rooster, I didn’t get the entire question out before Rooster said “yes, of course, I’m here every day anyway.”

Both of these men are kind and positive and look out for each other as they look out for us.

I am passing on the shovel flag to these two incredible HIM who understand that showing up every Monday here represents something bigger than them. I am Third. A sanctuary where iron sharpens iron, honesty and brotherhood grow wild, and the ideas spread almost as fast as the laughter on any given morning. They understand that how we invigorate is not by being better at something than someone, but by seeing each other for who they are that day and lifting each other up.  

And F3 Ironwood shall ne’er go by,

From this day to the ending of the world,

But we in it shall be remember’d;

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he to-day that sheds his sweat with me

Shall be my brother;”

Aye- U-Haul

“Who art thou?

I remember when UHAUL started this site and quoted Henry V with such passion and energy. It set the stage for what this site has become.

And though I can talk about how the pull-up bars are the best in Metro or the absolute monster that is Chicago hill, it’s really the group of guys that come here every week that make this site what it is.

Honored to carry the torch and follow UHAUL as the site Q for Ironwood and build upon the energy and passion that UHAUL has poured into this site.”


“From Shakespeare to Boyz in the Hood here is my quote that I want to share

‘Any fool with a d*(k can make a baby, but only a real man can raise his children.’

(Turning to DOME)

Let’s Father the $*#! out of this site!”


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