Weather: 68° But kind of muggy due to humidity or fog

PAX: Vandelay, FDIC, Khakis, Bubbles, Grylls, Icy Hot, Safe Ride, Almost Famous, Skipper

Q: Gunner

For being the Premiere OG Run Work out of F3 Omaha, there were only 3 pre-runners at this epic running AO. Khakis knock out his pre-run course and I once again got some awesome one-on-one with Vandelay. We moseyed up to the shovel flag at about 0510 where the other Pax were gathering and everyone fist bumped their morning greeting to one another. At 0515, I kicked off our work out with the F3 Mission statement and 5 core principles.  Since running was involved, I always like to mention the F3 Credo of Picking up the Six.

We began and moseyed North-bond on Regency Ave toward the former Paradise Island AO. At Paradise we gathered back up and a little Warmarama.

We moseyed more north to the underside of Dodge St. for some Under the bridge workout.

work out – under the bridge

  • bernie sanders up
  • 15-crunches from the bridge beams
  • 15- Derkins
  • crab walk up
  • 10-plank
  • rinse and repeat

We then moseyed to the West Roads parking lot and did 10 sets of Shuttle run sprints

We moseyed back to the Shovel Flags

Announcements – Brush up Omaha

                                Shovel flag passing

                                Canyon Shovel flag re-location

Prayers – Bubble’s neighbor that had an unforeseen family Emergency. 

                For Rancid’s family

COT – I shared with the Pax the lack of relationship I have with my brother. I am trying to re-connect with him after many years and a bad incident. I am motivated to reconnect with him because we are actually brothers, and it is important to be and stay connected with family.  F3 has been totally supportive with holding me accountable, thank you TC, and sharing their own brotherly bonds. I am grateful for Sven sharing his phone call with his brother story.  All of this has been inspirational to me to remind me to stay committed to re-establishing a brotherly relationship with my real brother.

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