DATE: 7/8/22 

Weather: 75 degrees with damp grass and high humidity

PAX (38): Hei Hei, Buzzsaw, Cheap Seats, Leemu, FNG (*NSYNC), Heel Hook, Escobar, Barbershop, The Plague, Slow Clap, Ozark, FNG (Bobber), Tea Party, Sasquash, Fine Print, Barn Door, Boji, Da Kine, Brad Pitt, Thor, Mufasa, Griswold, Yogi, Speed Square, Vlasic, Macanudo, Ketchup, Lincoln Logs, Steeple, Blades of Glory, Pick-a-Brick, Old Spice, Chowda, Rowdy, Lite Brite, FNG (Daaang!), Gator, Hard Hat 

Q: Hard Hat 

Welcome: We had a big group (16) complete a Murph before the beatdown. Prior to the Murph, we had a police officer pay us a visit to see what was going on. He quickly learned what we’re about and that he wouldn’t have to worry about us. In fact, having us in the park meant there probably wouldn’t be any mischief going down. He wanted to grab a picture of our group to share with his captain.  After all the pre-stuff, we had a pretty big group gathering. Big enough of a group the Q may have began the welcome with a “Holy Sh*t, this is a big group!”. We had a couple new guys in the beginning (*NSYNC & Bobber), so the whole spiel was given. The group was also informed that there may be some physical pain, some emotional pain, etc. that comes out of today’s workout. Just accept it and embrace it. We then moseyed on over to the tennis courts.

Warmup: 12 Big Ones IC, 20 Mountain Climbers IC, Long deep lunge into Lizard pose, 20 SSH IC, 10 Iron Crosses IC. At the conclusion of warmarama, the grinder was explained. Then the PAX counted off into 4 groups for the 4 station group grinder. As we were taking off to the stations, we were graced with another FNG joining us (Daaang!)

2nd F Grinder: All stations except for the push station have a list of questions and list of exercises. Each round, someone reads off the question, and the group does the exercise listed AMRAP while everyone answers the question. Ideally everyone in the group can answer each of the questions. If all questions get answered, then spend the time talking while performing the exercise. NOTE: There were more questions and exercises listed than what’s shown below. The stations were far enough apart and with the push station exercise, this allowed for lots of time to discuss each question. Each group got through two rounds at each station before OMAHA was called. Questions and exercises planned that are not shown below are being saved for a 2nd edition of this 2nd F grinder.  

Station 1 PUSH (parking lot entrance):  

10 Turk N’ Burps 

Station 2 (Playground): 

What makes you tick? Pull ups or rows @ Swing Set 
Describe the lowest point in your life, or the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do. Dips @ picnic tables 

Station 3 (middle of soccer field): 

If you had to take a bath in a food, which food would it be? Monkey Humpers 
If you had unlimited resources, what frivolous thing would you collect? Not books. It has to be frivolous. Pickle Pushers 

Station 4 (Skate Park):  

Share something about you that you didn’t share when you were an FNG. Merkins 
What are you into now that you never thought you would be into? What’s something you used to be into that you’re not anymore? Flutter Kicks 

Circle of Trust: There wasn’t time for Mary, but I needed a count of guys, so we quickly did Rancid Style American Hammers. There wasn’t really anything for announcements or prayer requests, but prayers for a lot of guys that maybe needed them after bringing up some deep stuff at the hard station.   

I skipped answering the lowest point in my life question at the hard station, informing my group that they’d get to hear about it in my COT. I first shared that I’ve always seemed to have this mindset where regardless of how hard something was in my life, I always thought that things could be worse. This mindset has always made me believe that I really haven’t had many hard things to deal with and that I shouldn’t complain when things get a little tough. It’s allowed me to have a pretty positive outlook on things. A few weeks ago, I lost my mom. That was hard. I shared some of the details about her passing and about how I have likely been one of the reasons for some of the depression she experienced over the last several years. My marriage is a struggle sometimes and has had some impact with all of this.

POST COT Thoughts: This COT was hard. I needed to talk about it though. I’m glad there was such a big group. A ton of guys reached out afterwards to offer support and thanks for sharing.


Hard Hat 

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