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Q: Gunner

Weather – Clear and 76 °

Before jumping into the Backblast, I have to get a shout out and major Thanks to TC for texting me the evening before to pre-run before the Heavy Metal Q. I typically don’t pre-run before my Q’s but it would be a sin to say no to TC.  Thanks not taking Shirley Street.  The 2 of us had a great pre-run and I was honored to have that time with such a great man. Thanks TC!

Then at 0530 I began The F3 Welcoming Reveille Call by welcoming the Pax, citing the F3 Mission statement, 5 Core Principles, “Modify as Necessary” disclaimer, and notification that I don’t play any music when I Q Heavy Metal.  By 5:32 am to get moving and warmed-up.

Warmarama –

Took a mosey lap around the back of Spirit World and the HDR building and the Stinson Play ground.  Along the mosey lap we stopped 3 times for some warm-up exercises. We did some classic, standard F3 Warm-up exercises

10 IC Copperhead Squates

10 Fwd and BW Arm Circles

10 IC Hill Billies

10 IC Wind Mills

10 IC Imperial Walkers

The Thang- We went brick wall that Arm Bar gashed open his shin to use for our work out.

  1. 15 Chest Flies (lying on the wall)
  2. 50 Chest Presses
  3. 20 Merkins
  4. 20 One arm Curls
  5. 20 Tricep Kick Backs
  6. 20 Standing Curls
  7. 20 Overhead Tricep Extensions

We back pedaled down the sidewalk to the port-o-john location where we did:


10 Squat Jacks

20 IC Plank Jacks

We then moseyed back to our weights

Second Set

  1. 20 Up-Right Rows
  2. 50 Shrugs
  3. 15 Shoulder flies
  4. 20 One arm Curls
  5. 20 Tricep Kick Backs
  6. 20 Standing Curls
  7. 20 Overhead Tricep Extensions
  8. 10 Squats – from down position
  9. 20 Lunge dips
  10. 15 Side Lunges

Called Omaha at 0605


15 Banana Boats

15 Big Boy Sit Ups with hands behind the head

15 IC Inverted Toe Touches

15 IC Frozen Freddies

20 IC American Hammers

Announcements – CSAUP and ABIDE opportunities

Prayers – For a couple of people who lost their life too early and for Hipster’s sister

COT- I shared with the Pax that in leadership roles we are to pick up on people’s social cues of being in distressed or needing help when they may be reluctant to blatantly ask for help. I shared that I was picking up on this with my discussions with a friend and I was not doing my part and engaging my friend, who was truly reaching out for help when it was obvious. I knew he wanted some help.  I did realize my complacency and I did circle back and reach out to my friend and did offer my help in which he accepted and appreciated.

It didn’t take a mind reader to understand what was needed. I was being selfish and not Living Third in this instance. As a leader we need to understand that Living Third does involve some sacrifice and we must be aware of people’s cues in order to help out when they need help.

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