DATE: 2022-07-08
AO: Golden-Spike
Q: Spacebar
PAX: Doppler, Mother Goose, Q-Tip, Mac N Chesse, Dirty Bird (Brent M.), Vandelay, Retweet, Wait Time, Chiclets, Slow Pitch, Oompa, Z-bo, FDIC FNGs: Cradle, Rain Man, Jenny Bravo, Tom Tom,
– Tappy Taps x 10 IC
– SSH x 10
– Big Ones x 10 IC
– SSH x 15
– Chinooks x 20 IC
– SSH x 20

Pax line up on the goal line, in a plank position, parallel to the goal line.
Pax Plank crawl, keeping body parallel to the goal line, until they reach the 5 yard line. – 5 yard line
– 5 Merkins
– 10 yard line
– 5 Merkins
– 10 Groiners
– 15 yard line
– 5 Merkins
– 10 Groiners
– 15 Big Boys
Head back to the original starting point (goal line) and perform the same exercises on the way back. Repeat.

THE THANG: Modified Doppler’s Ladder
This was taken from a beatdown by Doppler at the Colosseum over a year ago. All credit/blame goes to him 😉

All Pax start in the end zone.
Break Pax into pairs.
Cones set up every 10 yards down the field.
Pax #1 will run to the first cone, perform the exercise listed and run back to Pax #2. Pax flip flop.
In the end zone, Pax will perform the following exercises and repeat until pushed by partner. – 10 Hand-Release Merkins
– 10 Big Boys
– 10 Bottom Half Squats

Exercises at each cone
10 yard line: Burpees x 10
20 yard line: Mt Climber IC x 20
30 yard line: Merkins x 30
40 yard line: Jump Squats x 40
50 yard line: SSH IC x 50
40 yard line: Monkey Humpers IC x 40
30 yard line: Alternating Shoulder Taps x 30 (1:1)
20 yard line: Plank Jacks: x 20
10 yard line: Burpees x 10
Goal line: Navy Seal Burpees x 5

– Low Dollys x25
– Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
– LBCs x20 IC
– Rancid-Style Sarpy Slammers

My son, Asher is 13 years old. Overall, he’s a great kid and very proud to call him my son.

But early on in his childhood, it became clear to me that we think very differently. These differences have been a struggle for he and I over the years.

He likes his mother a lot more than me (parenting is not a popularity contest), and thats ok.

In the past, whenever someone asked how my kids were doing, I’d say something like “Stella is doing great. She’s getting good grades in school and is active in this, this and this. Asher is doing good, but he missed a lot of shots during his last basketball game.” Or… “Asher left the oven on after his pizza was done baking.” (This happened 10 minutes ago) (Its a work in progress…)

For some damn reason, I tended to focus on the positive aspects of Stella’s goings on and it seemed that I always threw in something negative that Asher had done recently. Each time this happened, as soon as those words left my mouth, I’d mentally kick myself. I recognized the differences in how I described my kids and hated how I threw in that negative thing about my boy.

Over the past 6 months or so, Asher and I have started gelling. I no longer feel the need to ride his ass as often. Most of the credit goes to him… he’s growing up and not doing the things he shouldn’t or the things that irritate me. We talk a lot more. Our interests are converging. (He’s becoming a sneaker head😉 )

Life is too short to focus on the negative aspects of life. Focusing on negatives never leads to happiness. Before I know it, my kids will be moved out, out on their own. I don’t want to reflect on our time together and think of regret. I want to think about the happiness we shared. My relationship with my son is a work in progress. I’m ecstatic that we’re making great progress!

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