July 6, 2022/AO – Paradise Island/Temperature: 72 degrees with a little rain (i.e. HUMID)

Pax:. Red Ranger, Hei Hei, Skipper, Sven, Part-time (Hate), Tater Tot, Vandelay (RESPECT), Khakis (RESPECT), Grease Fire, FDIC, Tin Cup, Icy Hot, Slow Pitch, Ice T, Chopsticks, Amputee, Safe Ride.

Q: Safe Ride

Safe Ride promptly welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha/Paradise Island at 5:15. The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles were given. Safe Ride confirmed there were no FNGs.


There’s no need for warm-a-rama or a pre-thang at Paradise Island. It’s better to get right to it. So, the PAX moseyed from the shovel flags onto the Big Papio Trail and ran north. We eventually jumped from the trail onto Pacific Street and made our way to the front of Safe Ride’s old office building: 1005 S. 107th Avenue. The PAX then circled up in front of the building for the following exercises:

  1. Monkey Humpers
  2. Bobby Hurleys
  3. Alternating Lunges
  4. Oh Yeahs

We then moseyed back to Pacific Street and made our way to the apartment complex on the north side of 105th Street. The PAX again circled up and performed the four exercises above.

Next, the PAX moseyed around the lake to the parking lot area adjacent to the tennis courts located on the east side of the lake. Again, the PAX performed the 4 exercises above.

We kept our mosey going back to Regency Parkway and headed south towards the shovel flags, stopping one more time at the corner of Regency Parkway and Pacific Street for another round of exercises. Lastly, we moseyed up to 105th Street and then back to the parking lot/shovel flags. Upon our arrival we circled up for Mary.

MOM:Hammers Rancid Style


On July 6, 1775, a few months after the Thirteen Colonies had broken out in rebellion against their British colonial overseers, the Continental Congress drafted a resolution entitled the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms. This document was an important precursor to the declaration of independence issued just over a year later. Oddly, the declaration came one day after the Olive Branch Petition, which restated loyalty to Britain and wished King George III a long reign – a final attempt to prevent war.

In the declaration, the colonists describe several of their grievances, including being taxed without being represented, restrictive legislation and their pleas and demands having been ignored for many years. The colonists still maintained that they were not after independence, just redress of their concerns.

The declaration was written primarily by Thomas Jefferson and was rewritten and edited by John Dickinson. The colonies did take up arms – and Great Britain would cede and acknowledge American independence in 1783.

Some of you may know that I recently changed law firms. I never submitted any Declaration or “took up arms” while at my old firm. I was extremely happy (most of the time). Still, I had my grievances. Ultimately, I decided to do what I thought was best for my career, and for my family. That’s why I made the decision to leave. The colonists did the same 240 years ago. King George and Britain provided for the colonies. Americans could have remained British subjects and things would have been okay, despite their grievances. However, the colonists envisioned a better future for themselves, so they made the difficult decision to “take up arms” and fight for their independence. My recommendation to the PAX is to fight for what you think is right. If you have grievances (personally or professionally), list them out, and decide if you need to do something about it.


  • Expansion/starfish/FNG season is still in the mix. Be on the lookout for new sites.
  • Shovel Flag passes on the horizon

Icy Hot took us out in prayer.

Much love! Safe Ride

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