Invent Your Future

Temp: 75 degrees, 85% humidity
PAX (11): Side Dish, Mac and Cheese, Spreadsheet, Waffle House, Doppler, Joe Buck, Rush
Hour, Guts, Nard Dog (FNG), Dabbler (FNG)
QIC: Merit Badge
Opener: Merit Badge presented the mission statement, five core principles, and disclaimer.
We welcomed 2 FNGs, both brought out by Rush Hour.
Mosey to the landing on east side of lake.
15 (IC): Side Straddle Hops
10 (IC): Big Ones
15 (IC): Tappy Taps
15 (IC): Imperial Walkers
10 (IC): Sun Gods on one foot, reverse
10 (Slow IC): Slow Lunge
Moseyed to the triangle junction of the trail and did 15x Plank jacks IC, then 15x Tempo
Thang 1:
Chain run to the splash pad area. Each PAX did 3x burpees and sprinted to the front of the
Thang 2:
Circle up under the bridge near the bike rack, group performs AMRAP exercises while 1 PAX
member runs to the gate at the base of the pedestrian bridge and back. Returning PAX member
picks the next exercise. Started with alternating shoulder taps. Each PAX member got to run
once, Omaha called at 7:35.
Thang 3:
Mosey to south big parking lot in front of Gallup. Three segments of non-running, at each
parking lot island stop and plank as a group. Everyone drops to plank as soon as they finish, 10
count starts when 6 is in.
Lunge walk
Side shuffle
Mosey to start of north Gallup lot and did two more sections:
Broad jumps
Bernie Sanders to the flags
15x Big Boy situps IC
15x Low Dollies IC
15x Frozen Freddies IC
15x Heels to Heaven IC
22x Racid American Hammers (2x rounds)
Site launch of The Labyrinth on Thursday
Diaper drive concluding next Saturday, bring diapers to any AO – pull-ups and overnights most
1776 Games CSAUP at the Canyon next week, 7-8:30am
No 6am frisbee next week, but will resume weekly after that
Canyon will be moving to Gene Leahy Mall in 2-3 weeks, watch Slack for more info
Prayer Requests
Hard Hat’s mother and family
Several M’s due soon
Winston Churchill has been paraphrased as saying “History will be kind to me, for I intend to
write it.” I heard a version of this I like better… “The future will be kind to me for I intend to invent
it.” You’re contributing to your own future by your actions today. Even small things now can be
building blocks for yourself later. Do something kind for your future self today.


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