Swanson Elementary AO | 70 degrees

PAX: Lansbury, Hot Dog, Stella, Space Bar, Pig Pen, Biff, Tin Cup, Beta Max, Toad Stool.

Q: Bloodshot

YHC stated the mission of F3, 5 core principles, and disclaimer before a short lap to the tennis court for warmarama.


Sungods x20

Windmills x15

Imperial walkers x15


Game. Set. Match.

Tennis scoring: 15,30,40 wins the game. 6 games win the set. 3 sets win the match.

First set game(s)

15: Hand Release merkins

30: Bonnie Blair’s (10 IC)

40: squat jumps

Repeat above exercises 6 times

Second set:

15: Werkins

30: Mountain Climbers (10 IC)

40: Overhead claps

Repeat exercises 6 times

Third set:

15: Diamond Merkins

30: Apollo Ono’s (10 IC)

40: Lunges (20 per leg)

Repeat exercises 6 times

YHC knew this was an ambitious number of reps. Even though we were on blistering pace, we didn’t get to the third set before the post thang.

Post Thang

PAX partnered up with a doubles partner for pickleball. PAX were familiar and quality rallies were frequent. Losing teams ran out and up the hill, then back. Numbers worked out so when not playing, teams were either running or side straddle hop.


Instagram model x15

Heel touches x15

E2K x10,x10

Rancid American hammers

Announcements and prayers were expressed.


“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Gandhi

I was out of town and unplugged from the news for the first time in a while. It was nice to miss so much news. But I came back to more divided issues.

Sky Q is the only one who is always right and escalating words and actions only makes things worse.

I was reminded to take action in your beliefs, but remember that you’re not perfect and not meant to be. I hope and pray that we can be the HIM that we are called to be in our community.

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. Gandhi


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