Leg 9 of The Mortimer Relay

Friday, July 1 | The Combine | Kiewit Middle School | 74 degrees

PAX (18): Amputee (Hate), Armbrah, Skipper, Frosty (Respect), Wiley, LPC, Hard Hat, Griswold, Q-Tip (Respect, Respect), Wentworth, Bubbles, Motorboat, Al Borland, Barn Door, Invictus, Cheap Seats, Chop Sticks (Hate), Sparty

QIC: Sparty

Pre-Runners (1): Wentworth

Pre-Murphers (14): Armbrah (38??), Toto (Hows Come), Barn Door, Invictus, pantyhose, Truly, Birdman, Nailed It, Cheap Seats, Griswold, Chucky, Hard Hat, Cataracts, Sparty

What an incredible morning! Due to Combine starting at 5:15am and that it was July 1, I had a tight schedule. This required a 4am alarm and rushing out the door so that I could arrive at Red Wings in time for the 4:30am start of our Pre-Murph. I arrived with only a couple minutes to spare and I was stunned at the amount of guys there. I knew we needed to go quick today, but at 4:30am, Truly put it in high gear and took off! There was no picking up the 6 today as the PAX were on a mission. It was warm, there was no breeze, and lightning was in the air. We flew through the Murph and it really tested my cardio in a new way as I am out of “Murph Shape.” It should be acknowledged that Hard Hat and Invictus kicked butt in their weighted vests. We all finished in about 33 minutes, and went through a quick NOR, COT, & Prayer. Then we were off to the Beatdown………or so I thought.

As I pulled into Kiewit’s parking lot, there were 3-4 vehicles there. I made the assumption that all the men from Red Wings were coming over to the Hardest Working AO, but 7 of those guys couldn’t double-up with a Murph & Sparty beatdown. I had one thing to set up and it was a baseball ball-bucket I put in the middle of the football field. At 5:15am it was time to roll. I quickly shared a welcome to the PAX by sharing our mission statement, 5 core principles, and my disclosure of not being a professional. I then directed the PAX to take a lap around the track and meet around midfield.

  • Warm-a-rama
    • ATMs: 15 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC, 15 Tempo Merkins IC, & 15 Merkins
    • Mosey out the gate to the south and headed to the southeast side of the school
    • Bernie Sanders up the hill, 15 Donkey kicks at the bottom of the hill
    • Bernie Sanders up the hill, 10 Donkey kicks at the bottom of the hill
    • Bernie Sanders up the hill, 5 Donkey kicks at the bottom of the hill
    • Mosey back to the east endzone on the field
    • Bear Crawl about 35 yards
    • 5 Burpees
    • Mosey over to the bleachers
    • Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 second break):
      • Step ups
      • Dips
      • LBCs
      • Step ups
      • Derkins
      • Freddy Mercuries
      • Step ups
      • Carolina Drydocks
      • American Hammers
      • Step ups

Then we were done with the Warm-a-rama. I often times make fun of warm ups by doing a couple reps and calling it quits. This time, I extended it super long to help the men get their days started right. During this time, there was a lot of mumblechatter and some disgruntled individuals. I also got some giggles when I announced that we had completed the Warm-a-rama. I then directed the men to take a mosey to behind the east endzone for The Thang.

The Thang:

  • Partner up
  • Run a lap around the track
  • Upon your return from a full lap, you and your partner complete 20 total Burpees between the 2 of you

This was a simple workout that was intended for 1. Guys could push themselves as hard as they wanted to go. That way they dictated how hard the workout was, and 2. It allowed for plenty of opportunities for mumblechatter. At 6:02am, I called “OMAHA!” I then had the men go to the imaginary goal line in the east endzone for the Post-Thang.


  • Foxhole: Merkin, roll over (going west) and Big Boy sit-up WWI style, roll over (going west) and repeat until you’ve reached the baseball bucket

This was the one part of the workout that I knew resulted in Chucky being a chicken to come today. Once the men arrived, “OMAHA for real this time,” was called. We circled up on the field for some Mary.


  • Gas Pumpers 15 IC
  • Heel Touches 15 IC
  • American Hammers Rancid Style 18 IC

Name-o-rama: There was a lot of good energy while the run was starting to pick up. Armbrah got his age right this time. LPC’s mustache impressed. Al Borland nailed the Motor Boat!

Announcements: Blood Drive today, 1st Friday Lunch, Diapers for 1776 tomorrow, Shovel Flag pass on July 29 at The Combine!

Prayers: For a safe and fun weekend

COT: I had a really shitty week and ½ at work. Anything and everything went wrong it seemed like. While I had nothing to do with any of it, part of my job is that I am the person that has to deliver bad news, and I had to do this multiple times. I’m sharing this with you for 2 reasons:

  1. There is a concept in Q-Source that we will talk about today at Karma in 4.2 (Schooling) that I was able to apply to this situation. It is something that I respect quite a bit and have tried to make this something I am consistent with – be quick to Pass Praise/Take Blame. While this is counterintuitive to what our society teaches us, it is required of you as a Virtuous Leader. While these situations had nothing to do with me, I stepped up and took responsibility in my tough conversations I had to have.
  2. I have shared this concept before and it applied again to this situation and it comes from Goggins. When something gets difficult/challenging, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional, I dip my had into my cookie jar. This cookie jar stores previous experiences that are very difficult and situations that I overcame. I will take you on the road of the one I use the most…..it was my 2nd leg of the Mortimer relay. I climbed about 1900 feet of elevation and covered 6.9 miles. It was physically the hardest thing I ever had to do. It was beautiful! The sun was coming up over the mountains. Yet it was snowy and windy. The entire run, I never once saw another person running. Only a handful of vehicles also climbing the mountain side. This is where my head goes when I run into something challenging. Because at this point, everything else just seems so easy to handle and it reduces my stress level.

I encourage you guys to adopt the Pass Praise/Take Blame role as a leader, and think deeply about what experiences you have in your cookie jar that you can tap into in a time of need. Thank you for the opportunity to lead today!

YHC took us out in Prayer.



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