6/30/2022, Labyrinth Launch – Find Your Center

PAX: (31) Gator, Tonight Show, Cheap Seats, Green House, Doppler, Obi Wan, Folsom, Khakis (Respect), Chiclets (Respect), Plague, Speed Square, Vandelay (Respect), Icy Hot, Bayside, Hard Hat, Armbar, Blades of Glory, T-ball, Truly, Yodel, Escobar, EA, Mufasa, Slow Pitch, Ralphie, Cousin Eddie, Griswold, Sasquatch, Unicycle, Lite Brite, Fine Print, and…

Your Site Q – Ozark (YHC, Respect)

A balmy 70-degree, 60% humidity morning with a meaningful, southerly breeze.  Preceding YHC’s arrival were pre-runners Vandelay (Respect) and Unicycle.  YHC set out Folsom’s rewards for shovel flag construction (1/5th of Backbone Bourbon (straight cut) and a growler of Zipline’s Dear Old Nebraska Brew) awaiting other pre-runners’ arrival.  Mumble chatter centered around potential running routes and estimated numbers.  At 4:55 (and 25 seconds) the PAX left the parking lot for the initial, official, Labyrinth pre-run.  Slow Pitch pulled in shortly after the departure, taking the shorter route down the hill to meet up (successfully, YHC might add).  Well played Slow Pitch!


The Pre-runners met with the Maize runners in their parking lot, creating the first, of what will be many, Maize / Labyrinth running amalgamation!  Light was already breaking and we could actually see the footbridge on the path without issue.  As is typical, Vandelay hung back with YHC to provide company for the next 25 min.  Upon finally breaching Atlas Hill, the PAX noted many new HIMs surrounding the shovel flags awaiting with bated breath.


Mumblechatter abounds… 


At 5:30, YHC welcomes the 31 PAX to the official launch of The Labyrinth.  Then covers the mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer. 

No FNGs.  Let’s Mosey.


YHC led the PAX north up the street, meandering through the neighborhood.  First round about encountered provides a great spot for Warm-A-Rama.  While trying not to interrupt happy mumble chatter, Ozark led cadence:


Merkins 20;

Modified Runner Stretch (On one knee, other leg extended in front, forehead to extended knee, slow 10 Count) followed by a Pigeon on the extended leg for 10 count; then

Switch legs and repeat (mixed mumblechatter, some in favor of said stretch, others…notsomuch.  Too bad for them)




Thang – String of Pearls


Headed uphill (south) to the first cul-de-sac which contained a round, well landscaped island.  This presented a perfect way to circle the PAX around and get them going downhill!  All part of the Labyrinth’s path.


Mosey downhill (northeast) on George B Lake Pkwy to the next round-a-bout at the West O ever-present S HWS Cleveland Blvd. (What’s with that street?  It’s everywhere!!! Thought this was set up on a grid?!?!?!)


20 Merkins

20 WWIs



We continue northeast, the sky opens up to a most beautiful sunrise as we descend to find the neighborhood’s homage to Blades of Glory, Grover Street.  We follow Grover Street over the dam and catch the path to the grassy knoll at the NE corner of the lake where the PAX circle up.  After picking up the six, YHC leads another round of 20 Merkins and 20 WWIs.



Along the path parallel to the lake until we reach the southeast corner of the lake, at the grass south of the playground equipment.  After picking up the six, YHC leads another round of 20 Merkins and 20 WWIs.



The PAX continued west along F street until we reached the guard rails where we stopped for dips.  YHC intended a set of 100 but hearing negative feedback decided to stop at 50.  Upon completion, Respect fills the air.




PAX find their way to the base of Atlas Hill across from the fire station in the grass for… another round of 20 Merkins and 20 WWIs.



Up Atlas Hill to the shovel flags.  As YHC turned back to pick up the six, YHC noticed far more runners than expected!  Barn Door and Slow Clap brought the Maize PAX up Atlas Hill for the Labyrinth Launch COT!!! WOW!!!  Humbled…

Time prevented Mary, though ironically, Thor could have led us in person!  Captain Thor was on the menu.

YHC became both excited and humbled at the site of 52 HIMs circled around the shovel flags.  With the help of Gator (Labyrinth’s Head of IT), Name-o-Rama happened.  And though Slow Clap rightly pointed out that the Maize brought 21 PAX, YHC replied that the Labyrinth has 52!!! (“These go to eleven.”)


Announcements – 1776 on Saturday, check Slack and Twitter for details.  Diaper drive for Boys Town continues.  Bring them with on Saturday!


Prayers – Lincoln Logs saw the fire station’s flag at half-mast which reminded him that prayers needed for the Sweazy family who lost their patriarch while on vacation in Hawaii.  He swam out to sea save his son in a riptide.  Saved his son but lost his life.  He was a 60 yr old, former fire fighter, HIM.



Well, it’s the Labyrinth Launch – YHC will start with thanks to Gator who got YHC started on this crazy ride (after many months of prodding and my insistence on getting in shape first), Plague and Slow Pitch (former site Q’s of Paradise Island who each Q’d a pop up).


Thanks to my Shield Lock.  Wait Time for the obvious, starting F3 in Omaha and his vision for it.  Also, his willingness to be so open to YHC so quickly and decidedly, welcoming me into his fold. Thanks to Vandelay for hanging with me on runs those first several months when I couldn’t breathe! Vandelay is a HIM that embodies the spirit of F3, no man left behind.  Thanks to Chiclets for inspiring this 50-year-old. He always makes me smile, such an example of a man that can remain so principled and optimistic.  Respect to each of you fine men.

Thanks to the West O guys.  I really enjoy our banter (even Mufasa’s).  Thanks District and Sarpy guys and everyone in between.  You’re so welcoming and provide that healthy push and challenge I relish.

So why “Labyrinth”?  Some ask me if it’s because it’s difficult for Mufasa to spell.  And, while that’s both true and a variable for me when choosing a name, it’s not the entire story.   A labyrinth is similar to, but differs from, a Maze.  The difference is that labyrinths are a single, continuous path which leads to the center, and as long as you keep moving forward, you will find the center eventually. Mazes have multiple entrances and paths which branch off, providing multiple dead ends and exits and will not necessarily lead you to the center.  Why is that important?


Finding Your Center – It’s what F3 is about.  F3 can take you out of life’s maze and put you into life’s labyrinth, which is a path destined to find your center.  As long as you keep moving forward.  Sometimes you’ll sense you’re closer to the center, sometimes you’ll feel as though you’ve moved further out, maybe to the periphery.  But, with F3 and its map of life’s labyrinth, you can continue with confidence that someday, you’ll find your center.  You’ll find the man you’re supposed to be.  Then, unlike a maze where you must remember your path back, you simply turn about and move forward again.  You can recount the wins and struggles along the way, recognizing those for what they are and how they formed you into the HIM you are.  When you exit the labyrinth, which is the same way you entered, i.e.- in your own skin, you enter the world a changed man.  And the world needs you as that changed man.  And the men of F3 are here to support you.  Wherever you are on this journey.  That’s it!  Mufasa, YHC will provide you a flowchart next week.  It’s OK.


Finally, YHC’s vision for the site is not only F1 opportunities (which will include some crazy workouts I did in high school, college, and beyond (once I get my running legs and lungs in order)) but will also include F2 opportunities.  Example – next Thursday the 7th at 5:30 pm we’ll run a 5K and enjoy beer (or other refreshments) at 6:00on the Zipline’s patio.  Be there for the run, the beer, or both!!!


Thank you for the opportunity to lead.


Enjoy this beautiful morning gentlemen!


Plague took us out in prayer.


Shalom Out – Ozark

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