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“Papio Convergence”

PAX (6): Invictus, Mr. Hanky, Schrute, Cop-a-Squat, Ferdinand, Skidz

QIC: Schrute

Pre-runners (3): Invictus, Mr. Hanky, Schrute

Schrute welcomed the PAX and shared F3’s Mission, The Three Fs, 5 Core Principles, F3’s Credo, Disclaimer and asking if there are any FNGs. No FNGs.


SSH – 20 IC

Tappy Taps – 10 IC

Pre-thang – Schrute informed the PAX we are going to mosey to Talos parking lot carrying one coupon per two PAX.  Partner up and take turns carrying.

We arrived at Talos parking lot to form a Sarpy Convergence!  That’s right my man Sweet Roll is leading at Danger Zone and we orchestrated to bring the two sites together for a beat down!

The Thang:

There were 16 PAX from Danger Zone & 6 from Mount Olympus.  We split into groups of 4.  The setup was explained to the PAX and each group got started at a cone.

Station 1 – PUSH group

  • 10 Blockees
  • Murder Bunnies (down & back)

PUSH – Partner Carry to next station

Station 2

  • 10 IC Makhtar N’Diayes
  • 15 IC Plank Jacks
  • 15 IC Gas pumpers

Partner Carry to next station

Station 3

  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Dips (use curb)
  • 15 Carolina Dry Docks

Partner Carry to next station

Station 4

  • 20 Air Squats
  • 15 IC Johnny Dramas
  • 15 IC Bonnie Blairs

Partner Carry to next station

Station 5

  • AMRAP Overhead Press

Partner Carry to next station

Station 6

  • AMRAP Big Boys

Partner Carry to next station

Partner Carry to next station

After one rotation through the stations Sweet Roll called Omaha.

The PAX converged for a group picture and then each group moseyed off back towards their flags.



  • 1776 workout this Saturday
  • Labyrinth site launch tomorrow

Prayer Requests –


Schrute shared a story about judging others and reminded PAX not to judge a book by its cover.

Schrute asked, what did Albert Einstein, Da Vinci, and Steve Jobs Have in Common?  They all had dyslexia.

Scientists have discovered that people with dyslexia have special skills. They are better at solving problems and adapting to challenges.

Educators, academics and policy makers consider people with dyslexia as having a developmental disorder. But its ubiquity suggests they have an advantageous form of cognition.

Remember to look under the shell before making judgements.

Prayer – Schrute took us out in prayer!



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