AO: The Armory​

Site Q: Gator

Q: Mufasa

Date: 06/24/2022

Weather:  71 Degrees, it was magical

PAX that participated (29): Big Unit, Lincoln Log (Respect, Respect), Gump, Old Spice, Nelly, Lemu(Respect), Macanodo (Respect), Slow Clap (Respect), Steeple, Cheapseats, BuzzSaw, Q Tip (Respect, Respect), Jump Street, T-Swift, Storm Chaser, Barn Door, Panther (Hate, Hate), Ketchup, Dogman (Hate, Hate, Hate), Obi Wan, Vlasic, Fine Print (No Respect), Rollbar, Brandon-FNG, Tonight Show, Gator, Yodel, Band Camp

As Thursday morning came to an end, I was getting ready to post my Pre-Blast Video which was going to reference my 45th birthday Q at the Armory. However, I had to go back to the drawing board once the now famous Barbershop posted his 6 Man Quartet Video. T-Claps to you, my brother. If there is an Oscar/Grammy award pertaining to F3 Pre-Blast Videos, you would certainly get it and be at the top of the charts for a long time to come. Even though one of F3’s core principle is, it is always free, I had to attempt to upstage Barbershop, which ended up costing me $9.99 a month for my own membership to the Acapella App.

The Rock (top left); Patrick Collins (top right); DoD (bottom left); The Q (bottom right)

HIM of F3, you must understand, when Panzi, excuse me Ponzi calls you out for no apparent reason, you must chance forgetting to cancel the 7-day free trial to put out your own spectacular piece of art for F3 Nation to see. At the time of this Backblast writing, I put up a valiant effort, as I have some 600 Views compared to Barbershop’s 1900. When Ponzi puts up a video, it gets 4.5 views, the Site Q who must watch it, Ponzi himself who tries to skew the numbers by watching it 3 times on repeat and his M (who stops watching it halfway through.) So, with F3 Omaha Twitter on absolute fire Thursday afternoon and night, I knew Friday was going to be a banner day for F3 Omaha, because Ponzi would fartsack and we could potentially have a record attendance at all the F3 Omaha Sites.

When Friday morning arrived, I awoke like a 6-year-old getting up to see if Santa Claus came the night before. I arrived at the Armory, and it was easy to notice the # of HIM that arrived for an early morning pre run.  I set up my 4 stations and waited as the rest of the PAX pulled in.  Because the PAX of F3 Omaha is spectacular, most HIM, gave me a fist bump and wished me a Happy Birthday when they walked towards the shovel flags.

5:30 hit and I started with my now INFAMOUS Burpee Intro.  

-Its 5:30, let’s do 5 burpees,

-My name is Mufasa, 5 burpees,

-Welcome to the Armory, 5 Burpees,

-This is F3, 5 burpees, 

-F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith, 5 burpees

-F3 has 5 core principles (and I stated each one), 5 Burpees,

-F3 has a mission statement, 5 burpees,

-F3 has a credo, 5 burpees,

-Asked if there were any FNGs, 2.0’s or Downrange, we did have an FNG and Two 2.0’s (Ketchup), 5 burpees,

-Stated we just did 50 burpees in the first 5 minutes of being there and that 99% of the people in Omaha weren’t even up.  I was quickly yelled at by Cheapseats and mostly Tonight Show whom asked if there was a disclaimer or if I was a professional. 

-I stated with my old age, I totally forgot the last part of my Burpee Intro and then said, I was not a professional and that all the exercises were merely a suggestion and with that, we did the last 5 burpees of the burpee intro. 


Asked Cheapseats for 15 Tappy Taps,

Barn Door 15 Big Ones

We attempted to count off into groups of 6 due to the number of HIM (29). But for whatever reason, most HIM can’t count, lose the count or don’t pay attention to the count and our 5 groups ranged from 5 to 8 HIM.  The Thang was made up of 5 stations with a push group from Station 3.  

Station 1 at the Bridge:

Bucket Walk (2 buckets that held chains in them that weighed close to 40lbs)-Cone to Cone

Coupon overhead press-10

Dumbbell curl-10  

Coupon kettle bell swings-10

Coupon Grave diggers-10


Station 2 at the Tank:

15 Apolo Ohno’s IC

15 Bonnie Blairs IC

15 Monkey Humpers IC


Station 3 (Push station) first set of park benches:


Chuck Norris Merkins-15



Station 4 second set of park benches:

15 LBCs IC

15 Flutter Kicks IC

15 Low dollies IC


Station 5 at the Shed:

15 Chicken Peckers IC

Some groups added Wall sits and donkey kicks


We rinsed and repeated until I called Omaha.


Met back at the shovel flags where we did ABC’s and thanks to my daughter’s suggestion the night before, we spelled out Happy Birthday Mufasa. Gator led us because he speills gewd. I asked Ketchup to lead us in 6 inches which is not a fan favorite. Ended with Rancid style American Hammers.


Name a Rama and then named our FNG-Shank due to his love of Golf.  Looks like I found a new golf buddy


Asked for prayers and announcements


I started my COT out by saying most people will be asked on their birthday what they wish for.  I stated for me, I wanted good health.  I have been in F3 for 3 years now and I am in better shape at 45 than I was at 35, so I got that covered.  The 2nd thing is I wanted friendships.  Because of the 3 years I have been in F3 I have a lot of new friends that I have made.  Some of the PAX chirped and mumbled something under their breath that they were not friends with me, which I ignored them and thanked them anyway for showing up to support me.  The last thing I wanted was to be surrounded by my family.  My M and 2.0’s helped me the night before to write up the exercises on the signs I brought.  When I got in my car that morning, there was a note from my family wishing me a happy Birthday.  I also shared, how my family back home in Philadelphia was coming to visit me for the 1st time in a long time for the 4th of July weekend.  My oldest brother hasn’t visited in 20 years, my younger brother 9 years, my sister 10 years, my dad 12 years, and my mom 6 years.  So, with those 3 things, my birthday wish was already coming true, and I knew 45 was and could be my best year ever!  I again thanked the PAX for coming out to support me during my Birthday Q.


I asked Vlasic to close us out in prayer.


With the help of Q Tip, I served brownies to all those that wanted one.  Fine Print stated he had some the night before and declined.  



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