5:30 – Welcome – Mission Statement – 3 F’s – 5 Principles – Creedo – Disclaimer

This was by far the best Birthday I’ve ever had. Thank you to everyone who came out, reached out or helped out. You make my heart so big and full!

PAX: Gunner, Polaroid, Bubbles, Mulligan (Respect), Cyclone (Respect), Ozark (Respect), Stapler, Q-Tip (Respect, Respect), Touche’, TC (Respect), Black Lung, Grease Fire, Bloodshot, Folsom, Vandelay (Respect), Samples (Respect), Hipster (Respect, Respect), Kielbasa, Sputnik, Edison, Wiley, Private School (DR), Spreadsheet, Slow Pitch, Black Jack, Wrecking Ball (DR), Chicklets (Respect), Pony Express, Niedermeyer, Two-Step, Hoser

QIC: Frosty (Respect)

You can’t have old without new. We know what’s old. Frosty, that’s what’s old. Thanks for helping me celebrate my 50thbirthday! What’s new? Bovine is a daddy! We have a lot of new F3 daddy’s in the last year. Those babies have their whole lives in front of them and they’re being lead by great men who are becoming greater. So, here’s to the beginnings of the old and the new. True Beginnings and new beginnings. Let’s welcome them all.

Cupid Shuffle Pre-Pre-Thang– Plank style to the song Cupid Shuffle. Every time they say “down” we do a merkin, “to the right” move right, “to the left” move left, “now kick” donkey kicks, “walk it by yourself” mountain climbers. 4 minutes

Mosey to the grass between baseball fields

Half-Centuries Pre Thang – Do 50 of an exercise until someone yells “I LOVE FROSTY” and then sprint to the other cone. We did Mountain Climbers, Squats, Groiners

The Thang Mushball – Mushball, or Chicago Softball, is softball withoug gloves. The ball is bigger and softer.

We had enough for 3 teams, so one team stayed at the cones doing 11’s of Merkins and Squats. Teams rotated until Omaha was called. A massive amount of fun was had by all. Everyone got up to bat and our DownRanger, Private School, hit an in-the-park dinger to end things.


6 MOM – 50 Hammers

Annoncements/Prayer Requests – Prayers for my cousin Bobby , who is still battling cancer. Go Bobby!

COT – Humility is not thinking less of myself. It is thinking of myself less. 

This birthday is great. As a lot of you know, I turned my life around in 2017. Had nothing. Was nothing. Going nowhere. I got clean and sober and a few years later found F3. That’s when the acceleration started. So grateful. As I approached this 50th birthday, I’m so grateful for where my life is. Married. I like my job. I’m driving. I have friends. Everything is going so great and I wanted to share this day with you all and I wanted it to be perfect. THAT is where I went wrong. 

There is no perfect and if I’ve learned anything in these 50 years its that whatever “it” is? “It” is not about me. Gratitude is more about you than me. I can’t think of a better example of that than the love that I imagine has to come from fatherhood. I’m so happy for Bo. For Sportiva. For E85. For all the new fathers. “IT” is definitely not about them anymore. I can’t think of a better way to “think of myself less” than to enjoy watching all of you on your journeys. YOU guys get me out of myself. You help me care about you. You are teaching me how to be a loving person on his way to humility.

Don’t think less of myself. Think of myself less.

Most importantly believing in something bigger than myself. Being a part of something bigger than myself. F3 has made my world so big. Limitless. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me and all of you.

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