AO: The Helix

Tuesday, June 13, 2022 @ 0530

Weather: 81 w/ 20 MPH Wind from N

PAX (25): Birdman , Chucky, Pantyhose, Slow Clap, Toto, LPC, Cross Check, Mulligan (Respect), Black Flag, Z-bo, House Party, Armando, Heihei, Kill Switch, Jump Street, T-Party, Cradle, Chowda, Motor Boat, Steeple, Thera Band, Truly, Al Borland, Moon Man


Q: Moon Man

Welcomed PAX, defined F3, Mission Statement, 5 Core Principles, (Not A Professional!)  Welcome Cross Check to his first official workout in the gloom (he was named at Brick Builder). 

  • Warm-a-Rama (leave coupons and mosey to outside circle of benches near SE corner of school)
    • Side-straddle hop (20 IC)
    • Big Ones (10 IC)
    • Cherry Pickers (10 IC)
    • Tappy-taps (10 IC)
  • Pre-Thang (using circle of benches – 3 rounds of 5, 10, back to 5)
    • Feet Up – T Merkins
    • Dips
    • Feet Up – Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • Thang (mosey back to pick up coupons then meet at bottom of big hill)

2 man Grinder – Quick Count off and pair into groups of 2

  • One guy at bottom of hill will do exercises listed on the sheet using coupon (Rinse & Repeat) while your partner uses hill for the following (you will each perform each round):
    • Round 1– Bear Crawl Up, 10 Merkins, Lunges Down
    • Round 2– Run Backwards Up, 15 Big Boy sit-ups, Forward Crabwalk Down
    • Round 3– Lunges Up, 20 Gorilla Humpers, Bear Crawl Down
    • If enough Coupons incorporate 2 round of  murder bunnies up hill then carry back down & coupon plank for 6

Relieve partner with two hand release bro-pees (done together) for each round. 

  • Exercises using Coupon for everything – 30 Each – pace yourself (not IC & pick up where you left off from previous round):
    • Curls
    • Overhead Triceps Extensions
    • Bent Over Rows
    • LBCs
    • Overhead Push Press
    • Swing
    • Calf Raises
    • Clean & Press
  • Extra Credit/Round 4 =  round at end everyone takes turn doing murder bunnies up hill
  • Post-Thang (short mosey back to shovel flags)
    • Green Sally Down – rotating between merkins, curls, dips, and back to merkins
  • Mary – American Hammers Rancid Style 3X around (really felt the hatred there)
  • Omaha @ 0614
  • Count Off
  • No FNGs to name
  • Announcements
    • Coffee On Site
    • Check Slack!
  • Prayer Requests?
    • Please remember there are some w/o AC and water during this heat, please reach out to someone in need
  • COT
    • Appreciation
    • In my travels I have had the appreciation of joining other down range F3s.  I will say that since leaving I have a very strong appreciation of F3 Omaha and what it means to me. 
    • Sometimes we may be grateful, but we don’t express it but taking the simple time out of our busy schedules to simply send a 30 second electronic message to someone really goes a long way.  It brightens up their week and they are likely to pass that gratitude on to someone else in the process knowing how good it made them feel.
    • As you go out today tell someone you appreciate them, especially your M’s & 2.0s.  Be sure to give specifics on exactly why.  Tell anyone you are with why you are grateful for them.  The more we do this as leaders in our community the more people will pay it forward and maybe even two-fold.
  • Prayer – Moon Man lead prayer in ball of man
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