F3 Beverly Hills 06.22.22 Q:U-Haul

Keep your path lit

Temp: 68°

Pax: Side Dish(hate!), Rancid, Samples (Respect), Sputnik, Othello, DOME, and YHC U-Haul.

What a beautiful morning at a gorgeous AO! The eastern sun was already starting to shine almost as much as this group’s positivity. Welcome DOME and Samples (Respect) to the Beverly Hills!

[0530] The Opener (2min) Present the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. There is a real risk of injury so Modify as needed. FNG’s? The Credo. Take care of each other. Pick up the Six and Let’s move!


Mosey: Southwest and back North of the lake.

Warm – a – rama: Check point one:

15 (IC) SSH ,          12 (IC) Tappy Taps

Warm – a – rama: Check point two:

12 (D) Big Ones,   10 (IC) Sit Thrus

Warm – a – rama: Check point three: (At hole 9)

20 (IC) Oh Yeah’s, 15 (IC) Imperial Walkers


Pre-thang (6-8 min) Modified “I’ll See Ya When I See Ya.” Pick a partner and run in opposite directions to the 9 tee box and to the where this sidewalk crosses. Then you will turn in respectively. The 9 Tee box is your turn around. Every time you meet your partner, you will work your way through BLIMPS, running again between each exercise. First time you will do 5 Burpees (run in opposite directions). Next time your will do 10 walking Leg lunges each leg,  15 Imperial Walkers, (walking), 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks, and 15 SlowPitch Calf- Raises each.   

[0547] Mosey: down the stairs to The Thang: 15 min Grinder

PAX into groups of 3

 1st Cone Exercises             100 Merkins (D)             100 Air Squats (D)             100 Mountain Climbers (IC)             100 Over Head Clap (U)             100 Big Boys (U)             100 Johnny Drama (U)  3rd Cone Exercises                    100 Dying Cockroaches (IC)              100 Carolina Dry Docks (D)              100 Bobby Hurley’s (U)              100 Flutter Kicks (IC)              100 Werkins (D)              100 High Knees (IC)

[0600] Omaha call.

Mosey west to a big Hill for the POST THANG. “Piggy Bear”

Go back to OG partners. One guys is going to Crawl Bear up the Hill and the other guy is facing them Bear Crawling until the guy Crawl bearing says Pick-up. That’s when the guy bear crawling picks up the crawl bear for a piggy back ride for 5 to 10 paces. And then switch until you get to the top. When you get to the top, go down and pick up the six until we all are at the top of the hill.

[0610] Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama,


Northstar could use the helping TOMORROW June 23rd from 11:30-12:30.


Gene, T.J., Katie

COT: I am proud and impressed to surround myself with people who take inspiring action. An F3 brother and I, the other day, had a miscommunication. A verbal misstep. Which happens all the time, but then he did something that far more uncommon. He did something that I did not. He came up to me a very short time later and said “I’m sorry that I reacted that way”. He knew he would rather say something now rather than let it fester for the rest of the day, week, month, year… Here he was bearing himself to me, risking the ups and downs of complicated feelings, cause he cares, he was trying to make things right for us and for his own soul. I’ve often thought that because we are willing to wake up this early and come do the unexpected workouts and sweat with your brother and promote leadership, our darkness we think we can’t live without, set it down. You have earned your light for the day.

Take life for an escalator
Go both through its ups and downs
Ride it like on an elevator
Expect both smiles and frowns.

Take life for a candle
let its glow illumine others too
and in each and every of its flicker
Try finding a hint or clue

Life tis like the rise and fall of notes
Consoling to find people in the same boats
Ah on life you can find a zillion quotes.

Thus ponder over your life and reflect
how good you’ve been to it
and not just how it’s been treating you
Veer around the pit, and keep your path lit
for darkness of the soul is for you unfit.          -kamoonpury

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