June 18, 2022 – The Pit – Chernobyl – El Futbol del Mundo


PAX (11): Fun Dip, Gipper, Levy, Black Tuesday, Trench, Sqeaky Clean, Low Flow, Schrute, Swiper, Farva, Chernobyl (Q)


6:00​Opening & Warm-O-Rama (~ 15 min)


Chernobyl delivered core principles, mission statements, disclaimer, and Creedo. Then we mozied for 1.5miles for the Warm-O-Rama.

6:20​Thang – El Futbol del Mundo (~28 min)


Chernobyl hasn’t Q’d a fun day workout yet so we played World Cup. We broke into 4 teams and played round robin games, each game lasting 7 minutes. If you lost, you had one set of suicides along the side line, if you won, you had LBCs IC until the losers came back. We then played a full match with two teams for 10 minutes, winner takes all. The winning team did merkins while the losing team ran to the very far end of the soccer fields and back.


6:50​Mary’s (~5 min)


We mozied back to the shovel flags for some Mary’s:


Chernobyl count American Hammers


6:59 Name-O-Rama/COT


Chernobyl shared his story about being close to those you love and making sure you tell them how much you love them, we never know when our day is coming, so live life like its your last and let those around you know they are important to you. Happy Father’s Day gents.


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