June 18, 2022 – The Pit – 2.0 Father’s Day


PAX(17, 29 2.0s): 2.0 Spirit, Beta Max, Swinga, 2.0 Minyon, 2.0 Obtuse, Toadstool, 2.0 Handstand, 2.0 Jigsaw, Huffy, 2.0 Scissorkick, FNG (Skynet), 2.0 FNG, Cobalt, 2.0 Tornado Alley, 2.0 Tumbleweed, Trench, 2.0 Bambino, 2.0 Candy Crush, 2.0 The Rock, 2.0 The Hulk, Fun Dip, 2.0 Takedown, Black Tuesday, 2.0 FNG, 2.0 FNG, Ferdiand, 2.0 Supergirl, KOA, 2.0 Bucket, 2.0 Rainbow, Girl Dad, 2.0 Roundoff, 2.0 Scooby-Doo, 2.0 FNG, Levy, 2.0 FNG, 2.0 FNG, Golden Pike, 2.0 Plant, 2.0 Firefighter, 2.0 Minnie, Gipper, 2.0 FNG, 2.0 Bomber, Farva, Chernobyl (Q).


7:30 Opening (~3 min)


7:33 Warm-O-Rama (~5 min) – Open Grass by the Playground


10 SSHs IC

10 Goof Balls IC

10 Floss Dance IC

10 Disco Dans IC


7:38 Pre-Thang – Frisbee Golf (~25 mins)


We gathered around the shelter and quickly broke into 6 groups (does not need to be equal) for the first pre-thang… Frisbee Golf. Each team needed to throw the frisbee down the course. There were three “holes” created with a circle of cones. No one can repeat throws until each member has thrown. After each throw, The entire team had to complete one exercise (listed on the bottom of the frisbee) after each toss. This rewards teams with longer throws. At the end of each hole, a special workout was waiting for you.

Exercises on Frisbee – 5 merkins, 5 jump squats, 5 alternating shoulder taps IC, 5 mountain climbers, 5 Mahtar N-Djayes, 5 Bonnie Blairs, 10 Flutterkicks. Repeat if necessary.


Course 1  – Shelter to the “Tunnel of Love”. At the hole, each team would create a line and complete a tunnel of love until the end of the course. The start Course 2.


Course 2 – “Tunnel of Love to PlayGround:. At the hole, each child needs to run up and go down a slide once, while the adults do 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins, and 30 air squats. 


Course 3 – Play Ground to Soccer Goals across street. At the hole, each 2.0 got to take penalty shots on adults. Every make, the adults did 1 burpees, every miss, 2.0s did 1 burpee. Run back to open grass area by shelter.


8:05 Thang – Relay races


PAX were directed to find a partner, with their 2.0s joining them. We numbered each of the pairs intro groups of 3, and then they dispersed to each race location. Once each race was completed, they moved clockwise to the next race location.


Race #1 – Wheelbarrow Race


Round 1: Kids Wheel Barrow down, 10 Dying Cockroaches, Wheel barrow back (other partner)

Round 2: Adults Wheel barrow down, 10 Heals to Heaven, Wheel barrow back (other partner)

Round 3: Kids Karaoke down, 1 Burpee, Super Mario Back

Round 4: Adults Bear Crawl Down, 1 Burpee, Karaoke back


Race #2 – Baby Daddies


One partner starts on one end with their 2.0s, other partner on other side with theirs.


Round 1: Piggy back your 2.0 across, partner piggy back their 2.0 back

Round 2: Fireman carry your 2.0 across, partner fireman carry their 2.0 back

Round 3: Babby carry your 2.0 across, partner babby carry their 2.0 back


If you have more than one, carry them both or have one run beside you and switch off between rounds. Bonus points for doing exercises above with multiple 2.0s simultaneously.


Race #3 – Coupon Race


To start, 1 partner will have the coupon and 1 2.0 will have a brick. On the “GO”, those partners will rifle carry while their partners run along side. At each cone along the race, pass the coupon/brick to the other partner (adults to adults and kids to kids). Continue rifle carrying and running until you reach the last cone.


8:22 Name-O-Rama – After all races were completed, we converged to the open grass area and took the video.


8:24 Break into groups to get names for nameless 2.0s


8:29 Share names


8:30 COT


Talk about the dad’s in our lives and how important they are and how important our kiddos are to us.


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