Armory Q – Arms, Arms and more Arms


Ta Ha Zouka Park

72 degrees and warm

PAX: Yodel, T Swift, Chowder, Mr. Myiagi, Barn Door, Tin Man, Nelly, Slow Clap (respect), Mac a Noodle (respect), Boji, Tonight Show, Fine Print, Armando, Steeple, Tea Party, Mufasa, Gator and YHC (Cheap Seats)

Pre Run – Yodel, Barn Door, Tin Man and Cheap Seats

Cheap Seats welcomed 16 HIM to the Armory.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo. 

Coupons were required so we rifled carried them to the south soccer fields to begin warm-o-rama


The PAX started out by completing 20 side straddle hops (10 IC and 10 in silent) – we failed to complete in unison so our punishment was 5 burpees

We then did 10 arm circles IC both forward and backwards.  We then completed some other arm stretches (overhead stretch and cross the chest arm stretches).

Pre Thang

Started with ATM’s

15 Alternating shoulder taps

15 tempo merkins

15 regular merkins

We then completed a crowd pleaser which consisted of the below:

1 merkin and 1 groiner

2 merkins and 2 groiners

3 merkins and 3 groiners

4 merkins and 4 groiners

5 merkins and 5 groiners

6 merkins and 6 goiners

7 merkins and 7 groiners

And then back down the list all the way to 1

You could say the arms were feeling gassed at this point.

I then leaned on Mufasa you came up with an exercise called “Plankins”

This consisted of a 10 count plank hold followed by 1 merkin, then a 10 count plank hold and 2 merkins, then a 10 count plank hold and 3 merkins all the way up to 10!!!  WHOOOOOOOFFFFFFF!

Thang (Coupon Mile)

We then rifled carried or attempted too to the further east soccer fields to complete the Thang work out.

Tabata style beatdown that consisted of 8 rounds of the below exercises

We then rifled carried back to the flags for one more group of exercises

Once back at the flags we did 3 merkin exercises on the cement

15 diamond merkins

15 werkins

15 ranger merkins

We then rifled carried around the parking lot to the opposite side to complete the exact same group of exercises.

We then walked back to the shovel flags.


Gator led us in half of “beast mode” core which when your knees are 6 inches off the ground.  You complete a 30 count then do alternating knee taps followed by Gator Spears.

We then did one round of American Hammers rancid style

Announcements Prayer Request

Announcements consisted of the 2.0 workouts for Fathers Day that would be at Oracle, Dragon’s Lair and The Pit. 

Mudgear T shirts sale will be ending soon, get your orders in for the OG F3 Omaha shirt

Labyrinth Pop – up at Zipline brewery on Thursday’s near the Maize locations.  Encourage guys to come out.  Plague did this past week and Slow Pitch is leading this coming Thursday

Diaper Drive for the Oracle – Patton has spearheaded the need for all sizes of diapers for Boystown.  They are in need particularly of night time and pull ups for the older kids.


Continue to pray for Deputy Richardson and his family.  Deputy Richardson recently died in an accident and he leaves a great family behind.  Continued prayers

Pray for Hard Hat and his family and his mother unexpectedly died a couple weeks ago.  Griswold is helping him out but please reach out to Hard Hat.

Continued prayers for the Sochors and Joalie who is having her 2 open heart surgery.  She is 3 years old and need all prayers.


COT was focused around a book I’m currently reading called “Total Leadership”.  It couldn’t help remind me of F3.  It focuses on all aspects of your life and the 4 pillars (Work, Family, Community and Self).  The focus of the book is around importance and attention.  They ask you to rank the 4 above in order of importance and have it add up to 100, then they have you do the same for attention.

I informed the PAX that my attention is out of align with my importance right now.  I’m sacrificed some significant family time for F3 and work in the last 3 months.  Family has come third and I’ve worked the past 2 weeks to get them to number 1.  Having fellow, HIM to lean on has helped but it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing too much on my own self improvement and also being absorbed with work.

I challenged the guys to rank the above 4 items and see if their attention aligns with their importance of work, family, community and self.

I’m forever a work in progress and appreciate the opportunity to come out to such a great group of men to improve on my weaknesses

AYE – Tonight Show took us out in prayer

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